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7th February2022 and as we've reached a milestone with the naming of these walks - 'z' - we'll call time on the Covid walks. This was a short walk around the Cocklebury area of Chippenham including rights of way CHIPP13, CHIPP44, CHIPP45 and CHIPP46. The title pictures show St Paul's church from Pew Hill and Greenway Lane.

A symbol of the time (that we live in) - six large Biffa wheelie bins at Chippenham Station. Street scenes are now ruined by parked cars, traffic and waste bins.
The former 'milk bay' at Chippenham Station. In days gone by (the 60s in my memory) a pannier tank would deliver milk churn vans to this bay.
Since when did Wiltshire College, Chippenham Campus become a 'University Centre' and what does this actually mean? Can I now claim to have done a welding course at Chippenham University?
A Freightliner train runs through Chippenham Station. Freightliner is the largest railway freight operator; it is owned by Genesee & Wyoming, an American company. The car park beyond the dry stone wall is operated by APCOA, an American company.


This 'eco' development in Cocklebury Road is redolent of Continental (think Dutch, German, Belgian) streets
Right of way CHIPP13 crosses the old Calne Branch (railway) here. This is the view towards Calne.
The view west across Cocklebury from right of way CHIPP44 with the spire of St Paul's in the distance
The view east from right of way CHIPP44 towards Bremhill
Rawlings Farm with a substantial Cotswold farmhouse
The westerly extent of the electrification of the London-Bristol line is in the cutting to the east of Chippenham Station (this is the view to the west from the Cocklebury Lane bridge)
This notice in the brambles of Cocklebury Lane warns of Japanese knotweed and the treatment thereof. Pity that, while they're at it, the Council workers don't pick up all the (hidden) litter that's lying there.
Murphy's Law - this picture was supposed to show goldfinches on the teasel in Cocklebury Lane but they flew off just before I released the shutter
The late-Victorian, grade-II-listed Pew Hill House now provides office accommodation
Pew Hill Cottage at the brow of Pew Hill
Taking back control in Chippenham. The two principal companies at the former Westinghouse site at Langley Park are Siemens and Schneider.
Mid-20th-century semis in Langley Road
Substantial 19th-century house at The Hamlet
The grade II-listed former Mortimer's weighbridge office is in a bit of a sorry state ... as is the footbridge which replaced the old, 19th-century bridge. This vulgar replacement is clumsy and simply too big; even the steps are hard to negotiate.
The state we are in today. This billboard at Chippenham Station illustrates the current media and business obsession with the supposed support of minority groups. What does this have to do with banking?
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