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31st January 2021 and another short, Sunday walk around Rudloe. The title picture shows the now dead sycamore at the brow of Box Hill by the road to Lower Rudloe. For many years someone has placed flowers at the foot of this tree presumably in memory of someone who loved the spectacular view. Given the tree's circumference, I wouldn't have thought it was that old so its demise is a bit of a mystery.


David Attenborough's 'A Perfect Planet' on Sunday recounted the importance of trees in arresting the progress of global warming. Each Monday, I receive the week's planning application list from Wiltshire Council. Approved applications this week included the felling of 186 trees with TPOs or in conservation areas. This is just the approvals for one week and just those trees where permission is required.

Setting off from Springfield Close on Sunday, 31st January 2021
And now heading off down the Bradford Road, we look back in the direction of Rudloe Fiveways
The Bellway, Dickens Gate, greenfield development (at right) which, according to their sales manager (Pinnochio) is just a "short walk" to/from Corsham shops if the "variety of local shops" cannot satisfy your needs
Did you see the pair of love birds in the last photo? It's Becky and Paul heading home for a cuppa.
Passing Dickens Gate, we find the beech woodland which used to be used by local kids (to build dens etc) before it was sequestered by the school by virtue of a 'gift' from the GreenSquare organisation (who they to gift 'our' land to anyone?)
And now Rudloe Estate comes into view along with the new bus shelter at the apex of the bend
Looking back, this is the 'sheltered crossing' intended for school access by residents/children of the Dickens Gate development (and incongruously/absurdly by families who have driven here and parked in the layby provided)
Here we see the sheltered crossing again with the houses of Springfield Close beyond
A sign of the times (Time of Covid) - the Sainsburys delivery van passing the Toghill Crescent bus stop in the Bradford Road
Approaching Rudloe Estate from the east (Corsham) we see the new Toucan crossing is now in operation
The byway to Hudswell; the new Redcliffe, Park Place, development is out-of-picture at left and Tim Barton's remaining Miscanthus at right
Here's the Park Place development which made former owner David Gibbons an over-the-table windfall of £5 million
The western extent of the Park Place development shies away from the pylons and power lines
A lone walker heads up the Bradford Road from Pickwick, passing the 'Welcome to Corsham' sign
A gurt bramble patch at Rudloe Firs which will, no doubt, be cleared away to facilitate the access road to the new Hartham Quarry slope shaft
The snow has abated in this view east from the brow of Box Hill, by Rudloe Firs. The new Copenacre estate can be seen beyond the car.
Also from the brow of Box Hill, in this south-easterly view we see (with difficulty, through the mist) that the Redcliffe, Park Place, development (at left) has obliterated the 'strategic gap' between Corsham and Rudloe (right and centre)
The brow of Box Hill looking west, Rudloe Firs at right
Another view of the brow of Box Hill; the dog walkers have come up the hill from the Corsham direction
The third view of/from the brow of Box Hill looking west; Mr Silvester's (Lloyd George's PA) former home can just be seen at the end of the path
The entrance to Rudloe Arms; note the gate across the driveway (Time of Covid)
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