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15th September 2021 and we set off on a circular walk that takes in The Ridge, Monk's Park, Corsham, Pickwick, Collett's Bottom and Lower Rudloe. The title picture, at the start of the walk, shows a panoply of stitchwort on the Bradford Road at the Dickens Gate greenfield development. This is unusual as stitchwort is normally only seen in small clusters beneath hedgerows.

Another view of the stitchwort interspersed with other meadow flowers
Woodland around Lower Pockeredge Lake
Cutting to the chase, we shift straight to the unnamed lane at The Ridge where lies Pond Close Farm and the site of a former piggery (I believe)
The unnamed lane at The Ridge and the outbuildings of Pond Close Farm
Oak close to Pond Close Farm at The Ridge
Substantial stable block at Monk's Park
Tree canopy at Monk's Park
View from Monk's Park across the fields of Boyd's Farm (Gastard) and the Clay Vale to Oliver's Camp on the western escarpment of the Marlborough Downs
Monk's House
Maple in Beechfield Road close to The Porch surgery
Fibre optic cables being laid in Pickwick by Avonline Networks on behalf of Gigaclear
Acacia providing shade for Dickens Avenue flats
Pat and Dave Sharp at their Middlewick Lane allotment
Garden greenery, including Wisteria and Cotoneaster, in Middlewick Lane
Looks like a Laburnum at Hillsgreen Lodge in Middlewick Lane
Brickers Barn Turnpike (Middlewick Lane on the OS map). Whilst this section is a public right of way, the whole lane could provide a much-needed cross-country route twixt the Cross Keys and Rudloe Firs. Note the 'plantation' on the left.
That 'plantation' looks a bit like nettles from a distance but closer examination reveals a different morphology. Using the app PictureThis to aid identification, its best guess was Jerusalem artichoke.
This should be clearer - maize right? This is the view from Brickers Barn Turnpike across Weavern woodland towards Colerne.
We just saw Nick flying off in his chopper so he won't be down to sample the delights of Collett's Bottom Lake today
Below the pier there is a culvert where the water drains to the By Brook (eventually)
Collett's Bottom Lake
Gunnera at Collett's Bottom Lake
Reflections in Collett's Bottom Lake
Heading home towards Lower Rudloe, here we have the view across the valley to Chez Robinson, Euridge Manor.
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