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9th May 2020 brought the last sunny day for a while (apparently) and a walk, starting in Leafy Lane Wood, to Box Post Office thence along the Hazelbury byway to Wadswick Common from where we crossed the Bradford Road to buy bread at Wadswick. The title picture shows the Rising Sun bus stop on Box Hill with Bannerdown beyond.

Quite a few remnants of yesterday's VE 'celebrations' are still out. Seventy-five years of 'peace' but now, in the Time of Covid, we more appreciate the menace of noise pollution (industrial garden machinery!) which disturbs that peace.
We can find some peace in Leafy Lane Wood on 9th May 2020
In the northern part of Leafy Lane Wood, we find some leaning larches above the blanket ground cover of dog's mercury
Further into the wood, we find broadleaf trees and cow parsley
Nettles in a Leafy Lane Wood clearing with Norway maple branches overhanging - 9th May 2020
Broadleaves and Scots pine here beside right-of-way BOX107B; cow parsley provides the ground cover
In the northern part of the wood, wild garlic (ramsons) predominates; the first two weeks of May bring the principal flowering period
The entrance/exit for right-of-way BOX107A at the north-eastern corner of the wood in Leafy Lane
Sycamore, horse chestnut, ash (with curved trunk) and so on with their spring foliage in Leafy Lane on 9th May 2020
The lane from Lower Rudloe rises to meet to A4 on Box Hill
Dry stone wall on the A4 above Box Hill Motors
Beech canopy twixt the A4 and Beech Road
Hawthorn in the valley; the Village on the Hill on the horizon. View from around Box Hill Motors on the A4.
And here is Box Hill Motors
On the A4 below Box Hill Motors - Clematis montana and garlic mustard
The eastern approach to Box on the A4
And down in the valley ... holiday cottages and buttercups
Not advisable in 'normal' times but I could get used to this
The Hazelbury byway which skirts Hazelbury Manor on its way to Wadswick Common
Goat willow seeds carpet the ground on the Hazelbury byway
Oak and nettles in one of the Manor's fields adjacent to the byway
The verge of the byway on the climb towards Wadswick Common
On Wadswick Common looking west towards Kingsdown
Cowslips on Wadswick Common
Not normally recommended; in spite of the SLOW signs in the roadway, many vehicles come charging over the Chapel Plaister 'hump' at 60 mph
A bit of tranquility at Chapel Plaister just metres from the Bradford Road racetrack
Cow parsley at Chapel Plaister and the view north to Bannerdown
Buttercups twixt Wadswick (behind me) and Chapel Plaister
Bertinet sourdough in hand (well, in bag anyway) we're off on the final leg. With empty roads, vehicles huddle together for safety. Or is this slipstreaming in order to conserve fuel? Or just idiots tailgating?
This is more like it; peace and quiet again. Two oaks stand guard at Thorneypits.
Subtle elements of yesterday's VE day celebration line the Bradford Road twixt Thorneypits and Rudloe
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