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C'est la vie as they say in Suffolk. A local enjoying the early-morning sunshine outside his Lowestoft beach hut.

A December (2023) jaunt around the Tory area of Bradford-on-Avon is illustrated in the gallery below. The gallery is book-ended by two pictures, the first of a carbon capture sign in St Margaret's Street and the second of a green wall in Bridge Yard.

13th December 2023 - out and about in Bath... again. This excursion starts at the RUH where we find that, even here, American influences have penetrated. When did members of staff become 'colleagues'? All supermarkets (and other outlets) now refer to staff as 'colleagues' as in store notices "If you need help ask a colleague" or in "colleague announcement" over the public address system. So it was refreshing (actually, I despise that word but can't think of a better one) to find that in the Coffee #1 coffeehouse at the Riverside apartment block(s), 'staff' still prevails - see photos in the gallery below:

From the RUH, we move to a store in Weston Village where we find that Tesco is charging outrageous prices for those who have not been shanghaid (the definition of shanghai is 'to enroll or obtain for the crew of a ship by unscrupulous means, as by force or the use of liquor or drugs' or in the case of Tesco and others, 'the threat of outrageous prices') into the Clubcard ploy. See the photos in the gallery below... if Tesco can make a profit on its Costa smooth medium roast coffee at £3, why are charging 'regular' customers £6? Scandalous profiteering I say.

Figs at Weston Methodist Church in Kennington Road. After the stroll down litter-strewn Combe Park, a coffee in Chelsea Road was called for.
Heading for the river via Ashley Avenue
40s American Dodge truck and 50s Chevrolet (I'm guessing) in Ashley Avenue
It's a tad early in the day, maybe I'll try the Velvet VIP Lounge later - it looks tempting!
In the meantime, I could try the Gypsy Gentleman a few doors along
Back to traditional Bath at Lark Place
The Green Park market is largely closed thanks to a fire in one of the cabins that damaged the roof structure
Closed furniture store in Kingsmead Square
Big Issue seller in Union Street with his two 'new' dogs (the closer of which is eying up a pastie being eaten by a chap on the adjacent bench). His previous dog (which I thought was a chocolate Labrador, but wasn't) died on Christmas Day 2021 aged 16.

27th October 2023 - out and about, in and around Bath

20th September 2023 - this article recounts a short (ha - 5 hours in total), circular walk along the Kennet & Avon Canal in Bath on 16th September 2023. Respite came in the form of a light lunch at the Holburne Museum (just a short hop from the canal through Sydney Gardens). 

Garden bust in Hampton Row
Dead Box in Sydney Gardens at the entrance to the Holburne Museum - see the 15th September 2023 article (gallery) under 'News'
Heading for Widcombe
Sydney Wharf (Bathwick Hill beyond), horse chestnut and cyclist
Flower power close to Widcombe locks
Narrowboat pulling another through the top lock at Widcombe
The old Golden Fleece in Queen's Terrace, Pulteney Road, opened in 1837 - see Andrew Swift's 'The Lost Pubs of Bath' (pp 260-261)
Debris and a swan near Pulteney Bridge on the Avon
Odd spot for al fresco dining at the Herd restaurant (Spring Gardens Road, under Pulteney Bridge)
This is the underpass (Spring Gardens Road) where the Herd's al fresco dining may be found
Crossing the Avon at Lambridge heading back to the Kennet & Avon
Avon crossed, now we pass under the railway then take the steps beyond leading up to the canal; lots of Himalayan balsom here
Only in the last few years
Here is the first flight of steps leading to the canal (Himalayan balsam abounds)
Feeding time (apples, bread...) at the small animal farm adjacent to the canal at Bathampton
A couple of slightly more exotic animals at the farm - porcupines

26th April 2023 - as the subject of this piece is just a small, spring diversion to Island Park in Chippenham, I will resist the temptation to create a separate webpage and simply add an article to the existing 'Further Beyond' title page.

Spring growth contrasts with ivy at the car park side of Island Park on 26th April 2023
Vibrant spring growth of horse chestnut in Island Park. Horse chestnut is usually one of the first trees to come into leaf.
Horse chestnuts contrasting with ivy
Horse chestnuts in Island Park
Taking the air in Island Park
This short 'creek' drains the run-off from the Emery Gate car park into the Avon
This is the car park end of the creek showing one of the drains taking water from Emery Gate
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