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7th April 2020 and a circular route through Lower Rudloe,Widdenham and the byways of the By Brook Valley. The title picture was taken on right-of-way COLE16 (Colerne 16) as it descends towards the Lidbrook.

Ivy-leaved toadflax on the wall of ex-RAF Rudloe Manor in Lower Rudloe Lane
Widdenham Farm (at right) with holiday cottages (at left) and Lucknam Park woodland on the horizon
A Widdenham Farm barn with Eastrip, Lower Eastrip and Lucknam Park woodland beyond
The view north-east from above Widdenham towards Tilley's Wood, Monk's Wood and Euridge
The wider view of Widdenham with Reid's Farm at left and the Village on the Hill, Colerne, beyond
Horse at Widdenham Farm (with wagtail in the gap twixt front and rear legs)
As all the grass in his small meadow was short, we spent ages feeding him the long grass from the lane
Sorry to see us go?
The view back from whence we came with the Widdenham Farm barn beyond the blackthorn and Lower Rudloe habitations, including Folly Cottage and Mr T's B&B, below the brow of Box Hill
Looking down the By Brook Valley from above Widdenham
Towards the western end of right-of-way COLE16 as we approach the Colerne-Widdenham road
Principally dog's mercury, stitchwort (the white flower) and garlic mustard in the Colerne-Widdenham road verge
Wood anemones in the Colerne-Widdenham road verge
The Colerne-Widdenham road approaching Widdenham (lots of wild garlic here - should be spectacular in a few weeks)
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