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Beyond Rudloe there be dragons - the people reclaim the streets of Larkhall - January 2013

HTV film of 1993 looking at the 'sack of Bath' with footage from the 40s through to the 70s


The film starts and ends with Wynford Vaughan Thomas on Bath before the developers of the 60s and 70s completed the work of Hitler's bombers in the 1942 Baedeker raids.



The Big Issue vendor who has replaced Tara (only found later in the day now), then Kev (backpacking in the Middle East) has a ripped tabard. Seems 'normal' for a person of the streets? Look further though and there is a lage gash across his thumb. Both the rip and the gash were caused by a knife attack when our vendor was trying to protect a lady being robbed outside Sainsbury's, Southgate. The attacker is now in prison awaiting trial. 

Abbey Green and the Crystal Palace on 17th May 2018
The importance of education noted by Bath Fine Cheese Company in Walcot Street
Colloquio privato at Caffe Caruso
Hirsute man in a central Bath grotto (Walcot Street) - 7th September 2017
I'm guessing from their colour that the trees on Bath Rec are poplars; this is 5th November 2016 before the fireworks. Two years later, in early November 2018, the trees (which are actually tulip trees) had lost most of their leaves (the hot summer?)
Wet cobbles in Mons ... and, thankfully, no street paraphernalia
The Cloth Hall at Ypres, the scale of which is breathtaking. It was completely destroyed during World War I and rebuilt between 1933 and 1967 (thankfully it survived World War II). Her majesty in the foreground.
Seance on a wet afternoon - Bath, January 2015

Charity, comedy and tragedy

St Michael's and All Saints Church, Melksham - a gifted £8,000 south door (far side) now provides a through passage and draws the eye. However, this was taken advantage of recently (summer 2013) by a cyclist who rode through the church during a service
A Melksham family and the Titanic disaster
The regular commute between Bath and Bristol
Trapeze artist at Ginnetts Circus, Whitehall Garden Centre - 30 October 2013 (twas a great show)
Poor, local, homeless woman in The Shambles, Bradford-on-Avon
The Bay of Gibraltar and the lights of Algeciras with a storm approaching on 30th October 2015
Remote cottage on the old coaching road close to Chequers and the 'pineapple gate' on the Methuen Estate - September 2010
Vipers bugloss in Gibraltar on 22nd April 2016 - picture courtesy of Anna Posso

Dragons here - the gallery below is 'eclectic'; the pictures were taken at many different locations 'beyond' Rudloe. Some, like those of Corsham, should more probably be included in a 'Localities' gallery (I'll get around to this in the near future (speaking in May 2016)) as Corsham is not really too far 'beyond'. Click on image to enlarge and view caption

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