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Posting two letters in the Leafy Lane postbox on 13th May 2021 and a diversion via the Bradford Road on the return leg has produced perhaps the last Covid walk before the 'interim' end of lockdown on Monday. The title picture shows one of the four field maples (Acer campestre) in the high verge twixt Springfield Close and Bradford Road.

The foreground beeches are in the Leafy Lane verge adjacent to Park Avenue. Leafy Lane Wood lies beyond.
Vibrant oak leaves form a backdrop to the Leafy Lane NAAFI (Dandelion Cafe) bus stop
Flowers on the sycamore at the eastern end of Leafy Lane Wood, opposite Dandelion Cafe
This runner just managed to avoid a shower created by a passing car from the giant puddle opposite the entrance to Kidston Way
Bradford Road trees which would have been removed (illegally) had the Payne's planning application for two pairs of semi-detached houses in the 'grounds' of the Barn gone ahead. Comfrey in the foreground.
Border wall of the Barn with maple and goat willow in front and dog's mercury between
There was a fine view here over the Clay Vale to the Marlborough Downs and Salisbury Plain before this monstrosity proposed by Chris Watt of Bath ASU and sanctioned by local planners including Corsham's Whalley and Box's Parker
Rain approaching as we approach Rudloe Fiveways; ash with cut ivy in the Bradford Road verge
The Links with Fiveways Industrial Estate beyond
The southern approach to Rudloe Fiveways with a single-leaved ash and poplar dominating the arboricultural scene
A wych elm whose branches, leaves and seeds can be seen in the foreground is one of a number of trees in the 'triangle' at the southern end of Springfield Close, adjacent to Rudloe Fiveways
A protective coat of paint for the Rudloe comms tower; this view with sycamore flowers from the green 'triangle' adjacent to Rudloe Fiveways
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