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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

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Dry stone walling at the combined entrance of Wadswick Country Store and Wadswick Green retirement home on the Bradford Road. This picture taken during the 26th March 2020 'daily exercise' suggested by the authorities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Stay at home, self-isolate, keep two metres apart yet in the place where these measures are most appropriate and where, perhaps, risks are elevated, measures are not taken. I talk of surgeries and hospitals. 'We' needed a blood test this week and 'one' observed that the phlebotomist, performing a relatively intimate procedure, was not wearing a face mask. On enquiring the reason why, the nurse stated that staff had 'complained' about this state of affairs, particularly as there was a stock of 400 at the surgery. For reasons unknown they were not allowed to use them. If the rudloescene reader can fathom the rationale here, please send an electronic postcard via the Contact page.

Dry stone wall and miscanthus at Thorneypits on 26th March 2020
Ploughed field at Boxfields ready for a spring sowing. Tim Barton rents his fields to others whilst concentrating on the Wadswick businesses.
A budding horse chestnut in the lane leading to Hazelbury Manor's 'tradesman's entrance' - 26th March 2020
Recently-built "farmworker's cottage" in the northern section of White Ennox Lane - 27th March 2020
The bright green leaves of emerging dog's mercury are ubiquitous in local woodlands. Here we are looking from the Cinder Path onto the Donkey Field which has been cleared of vegetation by owners Summix (ref planning app 18/09884/OUT).
The Donkey Field has been cleared of vegetation by owners Summix in an insidious attempt to demonstrate that this is a brownfield site. It was, however, effectively greenfield for 60-odd years - see Localities/Westwells.
Forsythia at Westwells - 27th March 2020
Goat willow at Westwells - 27th March 2020
More willows and dog's mercury at Westwells - 27th March 2020
Wood anemones in Spring Lane - 27th March 2020
Hudswell - a perfectly healthy horse chestnut cut down by the MoD - picture from 27th March 2020
27th March 2020 and the Dickens Gate (beep, beep, beep) development underway since September 2018 is still an estimated 18 months from completion. So another year-and-a-half of racket including those constant reversing beepers.
Some of the ubiquitous dog's mercury in Leafy Lane Wood on 28th March 2020
Rock remains from the 1961 opencast quarry at Boxfields
Unidentified blossom in Beech Road on 28th March 2020
The A4 towards the brow of Box Hill - peace at last
And now turning around to look down the hill - all quiet on the eastern front (of Box)
Hazelwort (Asarum europaeum) also known as European wild ginger in the lane leading to Lower Rudloe - 28th March 2020
Primroses in the lane leading to Lower Rudloe - 28th March 2020
Dark days at Folly Cottage, Lower Rudloe - 28th March 2020
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