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Here you will find news, articles and photos of an area that straddles the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north-west Wiltshire.


Contributions in the form of articles or photos are welcome. Even those with completely contrary views to mine!


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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

It contains thoroughly professional, well-researched articles about Box and its people.


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Looking south-east from the edge of the Cotswolds at Monkton Farleigh on 17th February 2018

Looking east from the Monkton Farleigh-Kingsdown Road on 17th February 2018
Along the Monkton Farleigh-Kingsdown road on 17th February 2018
Snowdrops in a Monkton Farleigh wood
Looking south-east from the Monkton Farleigh-Kingsdown road
From the Cotswolds at Monkton Farleigh, we see the Clay Vale, Pewsey Vale and Salisbury Plain
Pity about the phone lines
Quite an avenue
And here's the house (the Manor House) whose avenue it was/is
In a Monkton Farleigh lane
St Peter's at Monkton Farleigh
A Monkton Farleigh chimley
The King's Arms. Fabulous pub in it's time; maybe it still can be. Owned by Punch Taverns but its status is a bit of a mystery. Closed at the moment but opening (again) next week apparently.

Update on the Kings Arms ... the opening date/time is 5pm today, 22nd February 2018. However the first full day's 'trading' will be tomorrow when the pub will be open from midday until late with an opening party in the evening. Opening hours for both drink and food will then be the same, midday until late, every day except Mondays and Tuesdays when it will be closed. Ales on offer include those from Box Steam Brewery and craft ales from Kettlesmith micro-brewery at Bradford-on-Avon.

I'll just take this opportunity to start a national campaign to review/revise UK speed limits. Beyond the village, on a single-track (effectively) road, we have the national speed limit - 60mph. Compare/contrast the motorway limit of 70 mph.
Winter greens - ivy on the roadside trees at the northern end of the village by Farleigh Rise
Roadside trees at Farleigh Rise
The north-eastern approach to the village
View from the north-eastern approach across the Clay Vale to Bowden Hill and the Marlborough Downs
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