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Spring is springing with bright, emerging leaves on broadleaf trees but this season usually flatters to deceive. This spring is no different as there have been cold, easterly winds blowing. The weather stats tell us that this has been the coldest April for over thirty years; it has also been the driest for many decades as we have received less than 10% of the expected rainfall (blame the easterly winds again). This local walk on 22nd April 2021 was around the streets of Rudloe (but included a short trip to Corsham) - the title picture shows the two maples on the Bradford Road close to Rudloe Estate entrance.

Golden maple in Westwood Road, Rudloe opposite the entrance to Bankwaters Road
The two glorious cedars in Prestly Wood Road. I thought I would take this opportunity to photograph them before some bright spark (GreenSquare) decides that they must be felled in order to further sanitize the estate.
Spring is sprung at the Rudloe Arms in Leafy Lane
Wych elm seeds in Leafy Lane with the chimney of the Coach House (formerly Zagroda, owned by the Podkalinski family) beyond
Emerging horse chestnut leaves in the grounds of the Rudloe Arms, Leafy Lane
Emerging leaves of a maple in Lower Rudloe Lane from the entrance to the Rudloe Arms
Emerging spring growth at the brow of Box Hill. The old A4 may be seen in the foreground with the new route beyond. The old route took a sharp(ish) turn at the entrance to RAF Rudloe Manor (thus, usefully, slowing traffic down).
Steve and his id verde (Wiltshire Council's, French contractor) grass-cutting team have done a fine job in avoiding the primroses, three-cornered garlic (shown) and celandines at the brow of Box Hill
Emerging spring growth in the Rudloe Firs woodland at the brow of Box Hill
Emerging spring growth (and some litter, to be picked up next Sunday) at the Bradford Road chicane behind Springfield Close
The Wales&West Utilities team is still in the process of installing replacement plastic gas pipes in Springfield Close
Emerging hornbeam leaves in Post Office Lane, Corsham
The old vicarage, a Methuen Estate house in Corsham High Street opposite Post Office Lane - beech leaves emerging
Grounded has lasted much longer than its predecessors at the old chapel; emerging maple leaves/seeds in the foreground
A sycamore bursts into leaf in the High Street garden adjacent to the Royal Oak
The Martingate Precinct horse chestnut
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