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Saturday 22nd August 2020 saw a reasonably bright day between days of 'unseasonable winds' (this has been the outlook throughout June, July and August), showers and downpours. Still in the Time of Covid, our destination today was the Queens at Box by way of rights of way BOX20 and BOX18, the latter running alongside the northern bank of the By Brook.

Heading for right of way BOX20 at Lower Rudloe, this copse is close to Folly Cottage
Remnants of working days (as recently as 1990 apparently) at Drewett's Mill
The By Brook below Drewett's Mill
BOX18 to the west of the river runs through a field of Saltbox Farm's (possibly) golden corn
A landscape version of the title picture - the By Brook twixt Drewett's Mill and Box
A stream enters the By Brook here perhaps springing (pun) from a spring on the hillside between Mills Platt Farm and Crossways House
Heading downstream along BOX18 by the meandering brook
Rushes on the north-west side of the By Brook in a field of springs and drains
Feeding the pen and cygnets in the grounds of Fogleigh House. The cob is injured and cannot get out of the water (here) so is fed from the bank. The swans will chase away the cygnets from their territory at the end of the year.
Offensive to the eye, but functional dam diverting water from Box Mill leat and protecting Real World Studios
The mill leat beyond Box Mill with pendulous sedge and purple loosestrife on the bank at left and ... hmmm, ivy-leaved toadflax (?) on the wall.
Mill Lane cottages and Quarry Wood from right of way BOX15 on the Rec
Box v Warminster on the Rec
And again from the garden of the Queens along with pints and crisps (the Queens sells the best crisps on offer locally - Pipers)
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