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A feature of Weavern Lane at Slaughterford for many years

The derelict 17th-century Society of Friends (Quaker) meeting house in the woods above Slaughterford is shown in the second picture in the gallery below. I can find no reference at present but I recall hearing the story that after Cromwell ransacked Slaughterford Parish Church (forcing the parishioners to use Biddestone Church [interesting story here but slightly off subject]), the Quakers hid their meeting house in the woods away from the village proper - Wilts County Council's short piece on the meeting house is here: 


And the story of the wrecking of Slaughterford Church, and much more of Slaughterford's history may be found here: https://history.wiltshire.gov.uk/community/getcom.php?id=19


In the 1990s, the site hit the local headlines as a grave robber had attempted to unearth a body here. His attempts (a relatively shallow trench) are illustrated in the picture of the grave.


The story of the stilettos is an odd one. They were initially pristine but, of course, over the years they have suffered from winds and weathers. I first saw them in, perhaps, the late 80s or early 90s. They have not moved as they are firmly bolted to the fallen trunk beneath. So this is art in the countryside. Latterly, a pair of pink, ladies boots was added, also firmly bolted to the trunk - see this BBC article which has a picture of the boots:



The state of the shoes in 2012/13 may be seen here:  http://www.yourlocalweb.co.uk/wiltshire/middlewick/pictures/popup-583406-discarded-shoes-public-art/ 

along with the caption "Discarded shoes, public art?"


On a walk in April 2020 (The Time of Covid) we got talking to a gentleman in Weavern Lane at Slaughterford who had lived in the area for many years. The conversation turned to the stilettos; he gave the impression that he knew much more than he was letting on - see the introductory paragraph of  'Walks in the Time of Covid 7' here: Walks in the Time of Covid 7


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The stilettos in context - Weavern Lane, Slaughterford
Close to the Thickwood-Slaughterford byway in Slaughterford
Location, location, location - Slaughterford
The By Brook at Slaughterford
Slaughterford or Fryfam?
The By Brook at Slaughterford on 21st May 2018
This chimney of the former Slaughterford Brewery is photographed from the location of the derelict rag mill
In the 1890s, rag processing machinery was installed at the mill which included a 9ft iron undershot wheel with wooden spokes,
The remains of the rag boiler at Slaughterford rag mill
A sluice on the By Brook above the rag mill
Other rag mill remains amongst the wild garlic on 21st May 2018
The By Brook by the Slaughterford-Ford byway
Hawthorn on the By Brook by the Slaughterford-Ford byway
On the Slaughterford-Ford byway towards Ford
A pool on the By Brook close to Ford on 21st May 2018
The By Brook by the Slaughterford-Ford byway
Cow parsley and woodland close to Ford
Cow parsley and hawthorn close to Ford
Cow parsley by the By Brook near Ford
Thousands of poplar seeds drifting down the By Brook near Ford
Former defence minister Tom King's house at Ford
Wild garlic on the Ford-Giddeahall road
Climbing the Ford-Giddeahall road
Still climbing the Ford-Giddeahall road
Still climbing - we could have taken a lift but that would have been cheating on this 15-mile, 5-hour ramble
Getting close to the 'summit' now and the Giddeahall/Biddestone junction
Oak on the Biddestone road
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