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We should (should!) be nearing the end of 'Walks in the Time of Covid' now. This stroll on 1st May 2021 to Lower Rudloe, Box Hill and Box ended at the Queens for my first pub experience since I-don't-know-when. My luck was in as the rain started just as I reached the pub. Title photograph is, of course, of Rudloe Manor and hornbeams with their spring colour.

The 'original' iron fencing at Leafy Lane Wood is, it seems, being replaced by the new owners (Bewleys). Notwithstanding the damage caused by falling trees etc, tis a pity as this fencing is quite substantial and is more typical of northern counties.
Even here, at the margin of the woodland, there are (or were!) unusual plants. Unfortunately and typically, workers have not been made aware of the three-cornered garlic that grew here and it has been 'grubbed out' (see gallery of last Covid walk).
Probably a turkeytail fungus (Trametes versicolor) on a fallen trunk in Leafy Lane Wood
'New' maple leaves on the old, iron fence in Leafy Lane
'Someone' (one of the nearby homeowners?) has been dumping grass cuttings along the Leafy Lane side of the The Coach House wall, on top of wild plants/flowers. The scale of the dumping indicates that 'they' should have room for a compost heap!
The Maidments must be the only farmers in Wiltshire (and elsewhere) that don't support the Tories
'That' junction again (old A4 and new A4 routes - see last Covid walk) with bright spring growth
Emerging maple leaves in the grounds of 'Rudloe Cottage' at the southern ('top') end of Lower Rudloe Lane. Rudloe Cottage is the former home of Albert Sylvester, Lloyd George's principal, private secretary (see G Carosi's Corsham Revealed More).
Substantial beech in the grounds of Rudloe Cottage, Lower Rudloe Lane
Woodland in the area of (Box Hill) hillside above Lower Rudloe Farm
Beeches in the grounds of Rudloe Manor
Beech and gatepost at Rudloe Manor
View, from Rudloe Manor, across the By Brook Valley to Bannerdown
Maidment's cows twixt Lower Rudloe Farm and Folly Farm
A substantial area, on the hillside above Lower Rudloe Farm, has been cleared and laid to gravel for ... (answers on a postcard please)
Asarum europaeum (aka European wild ginger, hazelwort etc) in 'the other' Lower Rudloe Lane (the bank of this sunken lane is replete with all kinds of wild flowers - see gallery below)
The A4 at right, speed limit 50 mph; single-track Lower Rudloe Lane at left, speed limit 60 mph. What a crazy world we're living in.
View from Beech Road towards the brow of Box Hill with Maidment's field and 'The Cottage' and its substantial garden beyond
In Beech Road
In Beech Road
The chimney of Allwood with spring growth on A4 trees beyond
New maple leaves in Beech Road
Bluebells in Beech Road, local window factory below
'Greenacres', a new prefab in Beech Road with a nod to Frank Lloyd Wright by the look of it. Remember the 60s, American comedy Green Acres with Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor?
View to the Village on the Hill from Beech Road, framed by a sycamore and its emerging leaves/flowers
Derelict cottage on the A4 at the lower entrance to Beech Road
Probably an ash (usually last into leaf) on the hillside opposite the derelict cottage
Maple leaves and ivy in the A4 verge twixt Fogleigh Lodge and the Beech Road (lower) entrance
The cows that spent the winter in the barns of Saltbox Farm at right are now enjoying life outside, below the Village on the Hill
On the A4, at the eastern entrance to Box
The perfect symmetry of horse chextnut leaves
A fallen tree in the grounds of Fogleigh Lodge provides a haven for wildlife
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