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Walks on the 8th and 9th April 2020 took in Wadswick, Hazelbury, Neston, Moor Park and Spring Lane. The title photo shows two birches adjacent to right-of-way BOX94 at Hazelbury.

Fire in a miscanthus field at Thorneypits (Thorny Pits), Kingsmoor Wood beyond - 8th April 2020
New growth in a Boxfields hedge, Quarry Wood beyond - 8th April 2020
Thorneypits and Wadswick from right-of-way BOX44 - 8th April 2020
The fire brigade are on the job. We saw them toing and froing in the Bradford Road trying to figure out how to reach the fire.
And there's another (controlled) fire at the southern end of the same field - 8th April 2020
Hazelbury and Colerne (on the horizon) from Chapel Plaister - 8th April 2020
Pond adjacent to right-of-way BOX94 at Hazelbury; hart's tongue fern in the foreground (and marsh marigolds in the pond) - 8th April 2020
Right-of-way BOX94 at Hazelbury, hart's tongue fern in the foreground - 8th April 2020
This area, adjacent to right-of-way BOX94, was replete with Himalayan balsam some years ago but this doesn't look like it, more like some kind of bamboo (answers on a postcard please ...) - 8th April 2020
Covid19 rainbow and message at entrance to Boxfields cottages - 8th April 2020
And another fire - this must be the saint's day of fires (we spotted another one over towards Box also) - this on Freeman's land in Boxfields Road
SV is stop valve but what on earth is a ZV? This one in the Bradford Road spotted on 9th April 2020.
Dogs mercury in the verge and just one car on the Bradford Road on this Thursday during lockdown - 9th April 2020
Blackthorn in a Bradford Road hedgerow on 9th April 2020. Strangely, while many plants appear to be flowering earlier this year, blackthorn, it seems to me, is flowering later.
9th April 2020 and another fire in the same field as yesterday. This one is being 'controlled' by the JCB operator.
Ground ivy at the entrance to Wadswick (Country Store) - 9th April 2020
The designated (in the planning application) 'educational area' of the Wadswick solar farm which has never been used. Tis a pity as with a wedge cut out of the miscanthus, there's a great view of the Jurassic Clay Vale and Cretaceous Salisbury Plain.
In Wadswick Lane approaching the Baker's Corner area of Neston, Scots pine at left - 9th April 2020
Contemplating right-of-way CORM53 at Neston - Overmoor Farm, Moor Green and Moor Park beyond
Overmoor Farm and Moor Green from right-of-way CORM53 - 9th April 2020
Wood anemones in Spring Lane - 9th April 2020
Tall pollards of unknown trees twixt Moor Green and Moor Park - 9th April 2020
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