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11th April 2020 saw the intrepid isolators perambulate through Lower Rudloe, No Notion, Weavern, Monks Wood and Slaughterford returning along Biddestone Lane and Weavern Lane. And in so doing, 'we' think we may have found the answer to a 30-year (or so) mystery - who was responsible for the 'art installation' of pink stilletos and patent bright-pink boots which graced Weavern Lane for many years (see Localities, Slaughterford here: Slaughterford). We got chatting (at regulation distance) to a local who had lived in the area for many decades and who was quite circumspect about the 'artist' responsible; this circumspection included the statement 'he's dead and buried long ago'! Perhaps a certain person in his youth? The title photo is a Biddestone Lane, Slaughterford view

I've longed for the peace and tranquility that Covid has brought. But brought only to those who have been lucky enough, so far, to escape its clutches. Close to the brow of Box Hill looking east - 11th April 2020.
And now looking the other way, down Box Hill towards Box and the west
Just let out for the spring/summer at No Notion; Monk's Wood beyond
And here are their cousins at Weavern. It looks like they think we have come with some feed having got used to being fed hay or silage regularly.
A forest of miniature horsetails has grown on the earth that was dumped on the verge at Weavern

Apologies to Mark and Sue - we couldn't resist further isolating ourselves beyond Weavern Farm in order to explore the route across the By Brook that we used to take in more adventurous times. The following photos explain (I hope). An (alcoholic) offering will be made if and when the lockdown ends.

The rear of Weavern Farm looking across to Hungerford Wood and The Larches
A side view of Weavern Farm with Weavern Wood beyond
A large willow has fallen across the By Brook on the northern side of the bridge at Weavern
The 'traditional' view of Weavern Farm from MacMillan Way
The riverside poplars in Hungerford Wood at Weavern are always the first to come into leaf
The wild garlic in Monk's Wood is still weeks away from flowering (usually the first week of May) but some patches are already out
An area of fenced, coppiced hazel (possibly) in Monk's Wood
Amongst the regrown coppice, we find this patch of tall, relatively-straight trees (possibly ash from their bark colour) with bluebells beneath
Meadow with horse(s) towards the northern end of Monk's Wood
Euphorbia and bluebells in Monk's Wood
Wood anemones and bluebells in Monk's Wood
Mature trees with former coppice beyond in Monk's Wood
The northern end of Monk's Wood/Colerne Park with a Slaughterford meadow beyond. Still loads of wild garlic here.
The meadow with tree avenue which lines the northern, Slaughterford, end of the track to Euridge
Wood anemones and celandines in the bank of the Slaughterford-Thickwood road
Possibly a golden Atlas cedar in a garden on Biddestone Lane at Slaughterford
More celandines in the verge of Biddestone Lane at Slaughterford
Old coppice and celandines in woodland adjacent to Biddestone Lane at Slaughterford
No shortage of material for poultices here - comfrey in the verge of Biddestone Lane at Slaughterford
Weavern Lane at Slaughterford with formerly coppiced hazel and wild garlic in the verge (the verge opposite is the site of 'the stilettos')
Weavern Lane at Slaughterford with former coppice and wild garlic in the verge
The Larches and Hungerford Wood from Weavern Lane
Blackthorn forms the hedge of right-of-way BIDD21 between Weavern Lane and Weavern itself
Woodruff, yet to flower, amongst the wild garlic in the verge of right-of-way BIDD21 at Weavern
Ivy-clad trees in Lower Rudloe Lane
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