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The underlying purpose of this walk on All Hallows' Eve 2020 was to relocate a delivered package from a friend's Pickwick doorstep (any excuse). The title picture shows Hudswell Lane and its poplars.

We start off down Leafy Lane, heading north, and find some maple colour in Leafy Lane Wood
The north-east corner of Leafy Lane Wood; a sycamore dominates but there are three hornbeams here which (unbelievably) were mis-identified by the 'experts' commissioned by Aaron Bewley to report on the state of the woodland
In the horse chestnut (mainly) avenue at the brow of Box Hill
The brow of Box Hill with Rudloe Firs opposite; the field beyond will be the site of a new slope shaft and surface buildings for Hartham Quarry
The brow of Box Hill with Rudloe Firs at left and maples beyond the 'private road' which was, in former times, the main road through the Rudloe prefab estate (will have to investigate how this became privatised!)
The maples from Rudloe Firs; the Redcliffe development (courtesy of David Gibbons) stretches across the 'strategic gap'
Now we reverse the view; Rudloe Firs from the shadow of the maples
The eastern edge of Rudloe Firs with the Bellway Copenacre development and Marlborough Downs beyond
Corsham/Pickwick (red roofs) and Rudloe Estate (dark roofs) wedded, contrary to all local plans (Core Strategy, Corsham Strategic Plan etc)
The 'important view' (Wiltshire Landscape Character Assessment) across the Clay Vale to Salisbury Plain is 'trashed' by the Redcliffe development
Ivy berries provide winter feed for our feathered friends; this plant on the dry stone wall twixt Rudloe Firs and Copenacre, shown along with a cock
October has been a very wet month; this flood is close to Travellers Rest in the Bradford Road
Stafford's 20-acre field 'north of the A4' at Pickwick is threatened with speculative development through the Gladman organisation; the next 'Inquiry' is now scheduled for 2021. Tens of thousands of pounds have been wasted fighting this.
Limes and horse chestnuts in the environs of St Patrick's
More flooding here outside the Guinness Trust's Pickwick Villa apartments
These roadworks (or more accurately, pathworks) at Pickwick have been causing significant traffic tailbacks
Fallen 'green' ash leaves on the Park Lane pathway/cycle path
Lovell's Pickwick Quarry yard in Park Lane, quiet on this Saturday afternoon
Colourful beech leaves at the entrance road to the mysterious CCC (Corsham Computer Centre) off Park Lane
Mainly poplars at Hudswell 'Common' - all trees here have Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs - see the round, silver disk on the closest maple)
In Hudswell Lane with the 'Common' and its poplars at left and beeches at right
More flooding at the Park Lane/Skynet Drive junction
All quiet in the Bradford Road below Rudloe Estate
Still quiet in the Bradford Road below Rudloe Estate; it should be even quieter come Thursday (5th November) with the second Covid lockdown
An autumnal scene with a quiet Bradford Road close to Rudloe Estate
On the other side of the Bradford Road hedgerow, in the miscanthus field
In (tenant) Tim Barton's miscanthus field (what remains of it anyway) looking south over the Clay Vale to Salisbury Plain
The Skynet Drive hedgerow with turning oak leaves, green elm leaves and old man's beard
At the Park Lane/Skynet Drive junction - thistles in the foreground with old man's beard beyond
Maples in Park Lane close to the entrance of the supposed 'Corsham Science Park' (not much good science here with greenfield development)
Old man's beard on the ex-RAF Rudloe No. 2 Site fence in Westwells Road
Old man's beard on that fence with old accommodation blocks (the Thrift Shop/youth club block shown here)
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