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Spring is sprung on the Bradford Road at Rudloe on 22nd April 2018

It's just a month since we were in the depths of winter (see Biddestone - Mar 2018) but here we are with spring springing after a warm spell and the hottest April day (29 degrees) for almost seventy years (1949 - I remember it well). Evidence of this springing spring is shown in the following photos taken in Bradford Road, Leafy Lane and at the brow of Box Hill on 22nd April 2018.

Treetops in Bradford Road - thanks to speculative, greenfield development, the trees at right will be gone later this year
Spring springing in Bradford Road. This rural scene soon to be urbanized thanks to speculative, greenfield development.
A fairly quiet Sunday evening enabled this centre-road shot
Probably the last crop of miscanthus (Skynet Drive) thanks to the urbanization of west Corsham
Spring comes to the maples of Rudloe Estate on 22nd April 2018
The beeches of Bradford Road at Rudloe
View down Skynet Drive with (possibly) the last miscanthus crop at left
Spring in Leafy Lane
The beeches of Lower Rudloe Lane from Leafy Lane
The trees of Lower Rudloe Lane from Leafy Lane
Looking down the By Brook Valley to Kingsdown and Bathampton Down from the brow of Box Hill
The A4 and the view down the By Brook Valley to Kingsdown and Bathampton Down
Rudloe Arms driveway
Primroses, whitebells and a tortoiseshell cat in Leafy Lane
The chicane in Leafy Lane
Back to the brow of Box Hill now with a different camera
Spring springing in the By Brook Valley
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