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12th January 2022 - we took a short walk around Rudloe and Lower Rudloe on a day following a 'red sky at night' and freezing overnight temperatures. There was, as expected, mist in the By Brook Valley. The title picture shows the magnificent cedars of Rudloe Estate which were felled on 30th January 2024 by a company from Amesbury that had been fined £7,000 in 2021 for fly-tipping.

Here is that red sky over Leafy Lane on the evening of 11th January 2022
Leafy Lane Wood. You can see what a difference ivy makes to the prospect; and it is valuable habitat
Little ivy in this, central, part of the wood
Folly Farm from the brow of Box Hill with the overnight mist enduring in the valley
A wider view of Folly Farm now including the Village on the Hill
Now the view down the valley showing the extent of the mist
In this view from the muddied entrance to Maidment's field, Folly Farm may be seen at far right
In this zoomed view of the valley, the chimney of Folly Cottage may be seen beyond the foreground field
Folly Farm from Lower Rudloe
A wider view of Folly Farm from Lower Rudloe
Ivy-leaved toadflax in flower on the wall of the Rudloe Manor site
Lower Rudloe Lane on this sunny, cold but damp day
Direct sunlight causes steam to rise from the wet boundary wall of Rudloe Cottage. This photo from right-of-way BOX29.
The winter floor of right-of-way BOX29
Stump of the felled sycamore towards the western edge of Rudloe Firs
Yellow brain fungus (Tremella mesenterica) on the woodland floor at Rudloe Firs
The Redcliffe Park Place estate (and the pylon) blight this winter view of the Clay Vale from the brow of Box Hill
The western side of Rudloe Firs (at right) in winter
The eastern side of Rudloe Firs in winter, now much reduced thanks to the works associated with the new slope shaft for Hartham Quarry
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