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1st December 2020 and I thought that this was the first day of Advent but apparently not (this year anyway) as it starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas which, this year, was 29th November. Anyway, this short paseo on a fine afternoon was to Lower Rudloe; the title picture is of the By Brook Valley from the brow of Box Hill.

This graffiti 'artist' (more like 'idiot') persists in vandalizing the bus stop at the brow of Box Hill with his/her 'Hoax Virus' and 'Sham Virus'. I suggest that he/she volunteers in a Covid ward at a local hospital to witness the effects of the virus.
The Village on the Hill (Colerne) from the brow of Box Hill
Maidment's Folly Farm from Lower Rudloe Lane. Bath, between the escarpments of Bathampton Down and Bannerdown, is shrouded in mist.
A close-up of the farm; the road to Mill Lane winds its way along the valley at left and Dr Mohr's house may be seen (with trees around)
Folds in the valley are highlighted by the late-afternoon sun on 1st December 2020. The Fosse Way runs along the Bannerdown ridge beyond.
Shifting the view to the west catches some of Folly Farm's outbuildings and the Bannerdown escarpment
Saltbox Farm comes into view at centre-right along with the road to Mill Lane; Drewett's Mill is hidden in the fold beyond the foreground 'rise'
A wider view of the the By Brook Valley centred on Saltbox Farm; Bannerdown forms the backdrop
Folly Farm with the 'Village on the Hill', to the north, beyond
Now, towards evening, the setting sun just hits the tops of the folds in the valley
Smoke rising from a Drewett's Mill cottage as the sun sets over the valley
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