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27th October 2022 and a lady walking her dog in Park Lane said that Westonbirt is lovely at this time of year... well, so is Rudloe. The first title photo shows the Bradford Road hedgerow opposite Rudloe Estate with a maple prominent; the estate's beech lies across the road (if you get my drift).  The second photo was taken in Park Lane with Basil Hill's maples at right and an ivy-clad ash opposite.

Bradford Road at left; Toghill Crescent at right; the foreground ash perseveres
Adrian and other Rudloe stalwarts await the X31 for Corsham with the estate's beech behind and beech woodland beyond
Greenfield lost at left to Bellway's Dickens Gate; beech woodland at right, formerly a 'wild' playground for Rudloe Estate's children, now sequestered by the school courtesy of Green Square
The Bradford Road hedgerow (and ditch) from the Park Place side
The Bradford Road hedgerow with hawthorn and field maple prominent, from the Park Place side
Maple, hawthorn (berries) and the remaining Miscanthus still (for the moment) flourishing in another 'threatened' field (view from Skynet Drive)
Redcliffe's Park Place estate swallowed up half of Gibbons' (£5 million+ richer) field; the remainder is under threat
Miscanthus in flower, view from Skynet Drive
Maple and ash in Skynet Drive
Ash in the foreground, maples beyond - Skynet Drive
Where would we be without maple colours - the Skynet Drive hedgerow from the threatened field
Autumn colour in Park Lane - Basil Hill maples at right
The poplars (mainly) of Hudswell Lane
The Park Lane copse with pond - a token 'natural' patch in the west Corsham conurbation
Park Lane in the area of the copse; Hudswell 'Common' maple avenue at right
Hudswell poplars from the maple avenue
Norway and field maples provide the colour in Park Lane
Hudswell cottages from the Park Lane side
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