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6th December 2022 brought the first sunny day after a week of dank, foggy, windless days so an excursion to Leafy Lane Wood beckoned. Then on 11th December, the woodland was transformed by about an inch (not the forecast 1mm) of overnight snow. 

The main byway, BOX107A, through the wood
Mainly beech in this zoomed shot along BOX107A
BOX107A towards the centre of the wood
The winter sun catches the remaining autumnal colours in the central glade (note: this is a glade, the adjacent meadow is frequently, incorrectly given this appellation)
Entering the glade
In the glade
Exiting the glade en route to the western end of the wood
Retracing my steps back to Leafy Lane
As you can see, we've now moved on to 11th December, overnight snow and freezing cold weather
A horse chestnut (at left) at the western end of the wood
Norway maple leaves still providing colour in the depths of winter
And now we have beech leaves (if I'm not mistaken) providing the colour
More colour provided by beech leaves
Maple and beech leaves on the woodland floor

Try to spot Squirrel Nutkin in the following gallery

Scots pines, larches and a sycamore at the southern side of the wood
Scots pines, larches, a sycamore and a whitebeam at the southern side of the wood
Branches in the tree line that encloses the small meadow
Leafy Lane Playing Fields - landmark trees in a wintry landscape
Leafy Lane Playing Fields - landmark trees in a wintry landscape
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