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Lower Rudloe Lane close to No Notion on 18th March 2018

Folly Cottage and the view to Colerne from Lower Rudloe Lane on 18th March 2018
Farmers Richard and Mark Maidment and sons clearing Lower Rudloe Lane for the 3 o'clock milk collection tanker - 18th March 2018
Looks like this level bit of Lower Rudloe Lane doesn't require clearing
Road clearance completed, Richard and son head back to Folly Farm
Lower Rudloe habitations including Mr T's B&B from Lower Rudloe Lane on 18th March 2018
Lower Rudloe Lane with the former RAF Rudloe No. 1 site to the right - 18th March 2018
The Weavern byway twixt No Notion and Weavern woodland
The Weavern byway twixt No Notion and Weavern woodland
The Weavern byway close to Weavern woodland
Weavern hillside; beyond the 'horizon' lies Middlewick Lane and Pickwick
Weavern hillside with Middlewick Lane and Pickwick beyond
Pond in stream running from Collett's Bottom to the By Brook
The long-abandoned Weavern Farm on 18th March 2018
The abandoned Weavern Farm on 18th March 2018
Weavern Farm and outbuildings on 18th March 2018
Weavern Lane (Biddestone-Weavern then on to Slaughterford) on 18th March 2018
Remnants of the corn harvest to the north of Weavern Lane on 18th March 2018
Old dry stone wall bordering woodland and meadow to the east of Weavern Lane
In Weavern Lane looking north
Looking north-west from Weavern Lane on 18th March 2018
Looking north with drifting snow crossing Weavern Lane
Looking south now with Colerne and the By Brook Valley at far right
Looking north and a lone figure treks towards Biddestone
Snow blowing across the lane in this view south towards Rudloe
A south-westerly view with the By Brook Valley at far right
Snow drifting across the lane in this southerly view
A bramble hoop and the view east
Getting towards Biddestone and someone, perhaps a farmer, has cleared the lane for about half its length
The cleared section of Weavern Lane and the view south
A bleak prospect in this westerly view from Weavern Lane
Biddestone and the first signs of habitation in Weavern Lane
The view east from Weavern Lane to Bowden Hill
Close to Biddestone Church, Hartham Lane (locally The Butts) at left and Challows Lane to the right
The Green at Biddestone and opposite ...
... The White Horse and, on this cold day, a bowl of leek and potato soup and a pot of peppermint 'tea'
The return journey and wind-blown snow drifts across the fields
The By Brook Valley and Bannerdown from Weavern Lane
Drifting snow in the Weavern Lane hedgerow
Heading towards Collett's Bottom; two sledgers are at the top of the hill; Middlewick Lane and Pickwick are beyond
Looking down towards Collett's Bottom
Looking back up the Collett's Bottom track
An unusual find - a moss-encrusted unknown artefact (answers on a postcard as usual)
Heading back up the Weavern byway towards No Notion
A snow drift in the copse below No Notion
A Maidment tractor parked-up at No Notion between jobs
Back in Lower Rudloe Lane heading home
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