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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

It contains thoroughly professional, well-researched articles about Box and its people.


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Box Hill cottages and Ashley with Bathampton Down (comms towers) beyond from the brow of Box Hill

An eclectic mix of pictures centred on Rudloe and Box but with images from Bath and Corsham too, all taken in late October or early November 2018.

October in the By Brook Valley with Saltbox Farm at centre-right and Dr Mohr's house at centre-top
A wider aspect in this 25th October view with Ingalls Farm at centre-left and Bannerdown escarpment beyond
Another 25th October 2018 view with Ashley in centre-picture and Bathampton Down beyond
Rudloe sunset on 23rd October 2018
Morning tea break at Price's rubber works, Quarry Hill on 24th October 2018
A bit beyond the title area - St Saviour's Church, Larkhall with the escarpment of Bathampton Down beyond; Bathford Hill and the entrance to the Limpley Stoke Valley lie to the left in this 25th October view from Fairfield Park, Bath
Newly-ploughed field at Boxfields/Thorneypits with Kingsmoor Wood at far left and Chapel Plaister at far right
Ash and Scots pine in a Chapel Plaister copse - 29th October 2018
Ploughing at Chapel Plaister with Hazelbury Manor (bottom right) and Colerne (top right) beyond - 29th October 2018
Ploughing at Chapel Plaister on 29th October 2018
View from Chapel Plaister across Hazelbury Manor to Colerne - 29th October 2018
29th October 2018 and the view from Boxfields/Hazelbury across Jamie's Farm (probably) towards Bannerdown
The 29th October view from Boxfields/Hazelbury across Ingalls Farm with Colerne hangars and water tower at left and Colerne village at right
A 29th October 2018 view from Boxfields/Hazelbury across Jamie's Farm to the Fosse Way and the area of the Three Shires Stones
A 29th October view from Boxfields/Hazelbury across Box (where the Manor and the church spire dominate) to Bannerdown
A 29th October view from Boxfields/Hazelbury towards the grand, new house of Mr Thornbury Docks
31st October 2018 and another view towards Bannerdown from the cafe at Wadswick Country Store
Threatening cloud in Beechfield Road, Corsham on 1st November 2018
The cloud threatens the Porch surgery
View from the A4 above Copenacre across Redcliffe's speculative, greenfield development and Bowden Hill to the Marlborough Downs
Now the threatening clouds drift across Rudloe (view from the A4 close to Rudloe Firs)
A typical thunder cloud lies above Corsham on 1st November 2018 - view from the A4 above Copenacre (pity about the new barn)
That threatening cloud now above Rudloe Estate
As evening draws on, that cloud is still hanging around - this view from Springfield Close
The Avon twixt Batheaston and Bathampton on 2nd November 2018
Fungi on one of the fallen beeches in Leafy Lane Wood - 3rd November 2018
A winter crop (wheat?) in one of Manor Farm's (Wadswick) large fields at Boxfields - 3rd November 2018
A well-shaped willow at the site of Box Highlands School, Boxfields; Wadswick agro-industrial and retail complex lies beyond
Remains of the garden centre, active in the 90s, on the site of the former Box Highlands School in White Ennox Lane - 3rd November 2018
The site of a former quarry at Boxfields that was filled with the remains of the Boxfields prefab estates
The national speed limit, 60 mph, applies to this single-track road at Box Hill yet just around the corner, there's a 50 mph speed limit on the A4. How bloody ridiculous - it's about time that all our speed limits were reviewed.
Beech Road on 3rd November 2018
Folly Farm with the eastern edge of Colerne beyond on 3rd November 2018
Folly Cottage in the left foreground with Rudloe Manor beyond in this 3rd November 2018 view
Maidment's Folly Farm with Colerne on the horizon in this view from the A4 close to the brow of Box Hill - 3rd November 2018
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