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27th April 2018 and the title photograph shows just one of the patches of three-cornered garlic (or three-cornered leek, allium triquetrum) which have become quite dominant on the brow of Box Hill. There are patches to the south (in the horse chestnut avenue) and to the north (in Rudloe Firs). It is a Mediterranean native and is considered to be an invasive plant in the UK. There are many websites where the reader may find information on this plant eg: English Wild FlowersPermacultureWild Flower FinderPlantlife

This is an enormous patch of three-cornered garlic at the brow of Box Hill
An individual clump of three-cornered garlic at the brow of Box Hill (the flowers have just 'gone over')
The footpath adjacent to Rudloe Firs where further patches of three-cornered garlic may be found
The brow of Box Hill from the Corsham side
The Redcliffe speculative, greenfield development Park Place seen from the A4 - see 'Localities', 'Hudswell' for the North Wiltshire Landscape Character Assessment's narrative on this 'important view' and required separation between Corsham and Rudloe
The Green Square 'infill' Long Close Avenue development at Rudloe Estate which denies parking to existing estate residents
The brow of Box Hill with the horse chestnut avenue at left and Rudloe Firs at right
Another view of the brow of Box Hill with the horse chestnut avenue at centre and Rudloe Firs to the right
Silver birch, maple and ash at the southern end of Springfield Close adjacent to Rudloe Fiveways
The single-leaved ash at the western end of ex-RAF Rudloe Manor No 2 Site adjacent to Rudloe Fiveways
Southerly view down Bradford Road with poplar and comms tower at left and ash at right
Nascent ash leaves in Boxfields Road
Spring springing in Boxfields Road
Here's the last finger post, installed by the Cotswold Wardens (see text below), for the new rights of way 107A, B & C at Rudloe

The Cotswold Wardens were operating in support of Box Parish Council under the direction of Sid Gould, the Cotswold Warden for Box Parish. The weekly workout offered by the work party schedule can be challenging, but the health benefits provide a considerable incentive – not withstanding the April downpours (see picture below) on the day. The erection of the footpath finger posts is one example of the work undertaken by the Avon District Voluntary Wardens. Working parties can often be seen working in our area repairing and restoring dry stone walls, maintaining the labyrinth of paths and byways, coppicing woodland and planting trees. Meanwhile, monthly guided walks are lead by the wardens such as the Tuesday Tramp out of Colerne. The Cotswold Voluntary Wardens are keen to recruit new members to continue this valuable work. For more information please take a look at the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty website at www.cotswoldsaonb.org.uk/lookingafter/volunteering

Right of way finger post for path 107A installed in Leafy Lane; the posts for 107B and 107C were also installed on the same day. Warden David Colbourne is pictured on this typical 2018 spring day.
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