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The White Horse at Biddestone was at about the half-way point in this foray to Tugela Road, Chippenham

An early start along the Weavern byway just beyond No Notion
The By Brook Valley, Bannerdown and Colerne from the Weavern byway beyond No Notion
Rosebay willowherb and clematis vitalba (old man's beard) in Weavern Lane
The same rosebay willowherb looking in the other direction (towards Weavern)
Weavern Lane and the view across the By Brook Valley to Bannerdown
More clematis vitalba and rosebay willowherb with barley beyond in Weavern Lane
Weavern Lane, an ash (tree) and the view down the By Brook Valley
The By Brook Valley from Weavern Lane with blurred bird
Oats is a crop never seen on the other side of the valley; similarly yellowhammers were often seen in Weavern Lane but never at Rudloe
Another field of oats close to Biddestone
More oats on the north side of Weavern Lane
Abundant garden at this Hartham Lane cottage in Biddestone
We are now in Chippenham Lane; Bushy Barrow lies beyond the field
Clematis vitalba (old man's beard) in Chippenham Lane
Barley now in Chippenham Lane and the view towards Corsham
Hogweed as far as the eye can see in the Chippenham Lane verge
Clematis vitalba and baled straw in Chippenham Lane
View north from Chippenham Lane to The Privet (at left) and Fox Covert
Just past Starveall Farm the prospect opens with a view across Chippenham to Bowden Hill
Chippenham Lane, with barley either side, heads towards Sheldon Corner
The view to Bowden Hill across the barley
The view north to Fox Covert and Corsham Wood
Looking back from whence we came
Barley, hogweed and the view to Corsham
Towards Sheldon Corner; Sheldon Manor lies beyond the trees. Much dock in evidence in the field.
Sheldon Corner and Sheldon Manor's horse chestnut (I'm guessing) avenue
We've turned Sheldon Corner and are now heading towards Frogwell

And so we arrive in Chippenham with still a bit of a hike to Tugela Road (by the railway station). These were the four 'original' houses in Frogwell when we came to Chippenham in 1959. The first, pink bungalow, was owned by Jim and Pam Brinkworth who later moved to their farm at Yatton Keynell. In 1959, Hungerdown Lane was just a country lane; the Kingfisher pub was built on the site of a brick farmhouse, its car park covered the orchard. Down in the Ladyfield Brook 'dip' was a scout hut. Further down Hungerdown Lane, where Queen's Crescent now sits, was Chippenham United's football ground. I used to go and watch our local lad (ha - a Scot, Bill Maclean), play.

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