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24th January 2023 could be the last day of the weeklong freeze so a hike to Weavern seemed in order. The title pictures show the abandoned Weavern Farm, the flooded tributary of the By Brook and a frosty pocket by the fish ponds which are (were?) scheduled to be rehabilitated.

The entrance to the field below the brow of Box Hill shows the result of weeks of incessant rain followed by a weeklong cold snap
Rudloe Manor with a hornbeam showing a typical profile in front
Monks Wood, with Hungerford Wood in the foreground, from the Weavern byway
Similar tree profiles (ash?, maple?) from the Weavern byway
Another view of Monks Wood (and Hungerford Wood) from the Weavern byway
Songbirds (research required) and pheasants feeding on grain furnished by the local shooting estate (Hartham Park)
Hagstone and hart's tongue fern on the Weaven byway
There has been a considerable amount of felling and scrub clearance in Hungerford Wood (so much for it being a 'Wildlife Area')

Moving from the confines of the Larches and Hungerford Wood, we start to descend to Weavern and the abandoned Weavern Farm which may be seen in the following gallery nestled in the lee of Monks Wood

Dropping down into Weavern, Monks Wood beyond
Flooded By Brook tributary at Weavern
The abandoned Weavern Farm in the depths of winter
The By Brook tributary joins the river here at Weavern; Hungerford Wood lies beyond
Weavern Farm from the other side of Weavern Bridge
Following the heavy, persistent January rains, the By Brook is running fast and high; our dog was 'washed away' here on New Year's Day, 2000
Unnecessary disfigurement of an oak in the depths of the country
Fires burning at No Notion cottages on this cold January day
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