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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

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The Widdenham-Colerne Road on 11th December 2017 illustrates one of the greatest mysteries of our time ... why does water running (at certain angles) downhill form waves (of certain wavelengths) instead of just trickling or pouring. In The Sea Around Us, Rachel Carson describes the formation of sea waves (in chapter 9, Wind and Water) but the formations illustrated are not a function of wind but (presumably) of the hill inclination and amount of water. Answers to this Christmas mystery on a postcard please to rudloescene.

Well I must admit mate, we've been chewing over this conundrum for quite some time. St John the Baptist from the Widdenham-Colerne road.
Box Hill, Box and Kingsdown from the link road between the Widdenham Road and Tutton Hill at Colerne
A suitably festive Six Bells invites travellers coming up Tutton Hill
Remnants of yesterday's snowfall at the disused, 1867 Baptist Chapel in the High Street on 11th December 2017
An unusual, decorative window in a house on the north side of Colerne High Street
The target of today's venture, the Fox & Hounds with its great value beer (Jasper's at £2.10) and food (e.g. two-course lunch for £8.50)
Mark's prawn 'starter' with enormous, northern portions of bread and butter
Steve presenting his pangasius (not sure about the sustainability of this - will check) and chips
Fox & Hounds salads are always full of colour and variety and are well-dressed!
My veggie curry was very good but after spiced parsnip soup I couldn't manage it all
Replete, 'one' sets off back down Tutton Hill but this time heading for Box, not Widdenham
The target, Box, on the other side of By Brook Valley - this return route is easier than the steep climb beyond Widdenham
The late afternoon sun strikes a hedgerow on Tutton Hill; Box Hill and Rudloe are beyond
Wildlife spotted en route
Getting towards dusk now on the byway leading to Mill Lane
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