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20th April 2019 and daisies are prolific on the verges at the brow of Box Hill. In our garden also, the daisies seem much bigger than in previous years and every day we have multiple visits from wasps and bees. I suppose that the late-April mini-heatwave was responsible for the wasp and bee visits?

Another view of the daises on the north side of the A4; there was a significant patch on the south side also
Spring growth on the poplars (I'm guessing) in front of Rudloe Manor on 20th April
Significant verge removal on Lower Rudloe Lane close to the new Bybrook View development. I wonder who was responsible and why this verge has been removed. If this continues, this archetypal country lane will be ruined.
Early haymaking in the By Brook Valley below No Notion; the ex-MoD Thickwood estate can be seen on the horizon
Oaks late coming into leaf at Weavern - compare the oak in Leafy Lane in the picture at the foot of this webpage
Further environmental vandalism with (possibly) the earth from the incongruous verge removal in Lower Rudloe Lane dumped on top of native plants, including ramsons, close to the By Brook tributary at Weavern
Poplars (mainly) coming into leaf on the banks of the By Brook tributary and the By Brook itself at Weavern
The pool below the bridge at Weavern with something missing - see the picture below, taken one year earlier
This incredibly long lateral branch of the willow close to the bridge at Weavern has, unfortunately, gone. The 'cut' is man-made.
The wild garlic is not yet, on 20th April, in full flower at Monks Wood. Give it another ten days or so.
Marsh marigolds and pollarded willows on the banks of the By Brook twixt Weavern and Widdenham
The marsh marigolds again, in this view looking upstream towards Weavern
Wandering further upstream now to Slaughterford; here we see the chimney of the former brewery above the rag mill
In this image we see the overshot wheel of the rag mill with the mill leat (and hart's tongue fern) in the foreground
An enormous brick plant pot with trees by the rag mill at Slaughterford
The bridge over the By Brook at Slaughterford
Compare and contrast - the leafy state of the oak by the NAAFI bus stop with the oaks at Weavern
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