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We managed to squeeze in the annual trip to Monks Wood on 14th May 2023 which was a reasonable day in a time of cold, northerly winds. And strangely (but luckily) we didn't meet a soul on the round trip from No Notion through Weavern, Monks Wood, Euridge, Widdenham and back to Lower Rudloe.The title picture shows an oak on the track leading into the wood from MacMillan Way.

On the Weavern byway beyond No Notion
Stitchwort, cowslips and bluebells on the byway verge
Wild garlic brighten the scene (a little) at the site of the Weavern fish pond project which seems to have hit the buffers. Magnificent trees felled unnecessarily?
More stitchwort (and a burnt tree?) by the By Brook tributary at Weavern
The compulsory image of Weavern Farm
Fallen tree over the pool below Weavern bridge
Heading up into Monks Wood from MacMillan Way
Still on the track into Monks Wood
Coppiced hazel and a (compulsory) check of the mobile on the upper track
Having just navigated the track/steps up to Euridge, we are now looking back down into the wood
Almost there - the kissing gate out onto a Euridge meadow is just up here on the left
Monks Wood lies beyond the meadow (with cows) which we have just traversed
Euridge lime avenue with Euridge Manor beyond
Speedwell in the lime avenue verge
Old barn and old wing-nut (Pterocarya) tree at Euridge
Just for the moment, I've forgotten the subject of this statue (watch this space); Colerne beyond
View down the By Brook Valley to Bathampton Down from Euridge
Wild Widdenham
Cooling off in the By Brook at Widdenham
Keeping the horse company at Widdenham; mother (beyond) and daughter (behind the horse) shot off when they had the call (for dinner presumably) from the farmhouse
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