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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

It contains thoroughly professional, well-researched articles about Box and its people.


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Hay rolls in Weavern Lane on 31st August 2017 

The purpose of this outing - to photograph the lovely wild flowers in the field margin on Chippenham Lane (known as Biddestone Lane at the Chippenham end) - see the gallery at the foot of this webpage
Field margin in the Biddestone-Chippenham Lane - 31st August 2017
But before we set off, I couldn't resist yet another shot of the By Brook Valley from the top of Box Hill
And en route, a dry stone wall at No Notion
The Weavern byway close to No Notion
The Weavern byway close to No Notion
A young spindle laden with berries on the Weavern byway
Looks like a paved road on the track down to Collett's Bottom
On the track from Collett's Bottom to Weavern Lane
The track from Collett's Bottom to Weavern Lane
In Weavern Lane
Candy floss (rosebay willowherb) in Weavern Lane
Candy floss in Weavern Lane
Continuing along Weaver Lane (it's a long old lane)
Rosebay willowherb and the view west from Weavern Lane
Rosebay willowherb in Weavern Lane
View east to the Marlborough Downs from Weavern Lane
Another view east from Weavern Lane (the Bremhill White Horse is on the horizon at far right)
The White Horse (not the pub) can just about be seen below the trees on the Downs on the horizon
A welcome pint of Timothy Taylor at the White Horse
Bushy Barrow from Chippenham-Biddestone Lane
Sloes (blackthorn) in the hedgerow on Chippenham-Biddestone Lane
Two oaks in Chippenham-Biddestone Lane
The view to Bowden Park from Chippenham-Biddestone Lane
The view to the Marlborough Downs, Cherhill and the Lansdowne Monument from Chippenham-Biddestone Lane
Chippenham-Biddestone Lane and the grade II listed Starveall Farmhouse which used to have a pottery (Starfall) in its outbuildings
The outbuildings of Starveall Farm which used to house Starfall pottery
The field margin on Chippenham-Biddestone Lane
The field margin on Chippenham-Biddestone Lane

Gallery of wild flower images in the field margin of Chippenham-Biddestone Lane

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