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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

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Two cafes and a burial - 16th February 2023. The title picture shows the A4 road bridge and the eastern portal of Middlehill Tunnel from Quarry Hill; in the foreground we see a section of the scores of trees recently planted by the Cotswold Wardens on Grove Farm land.

We start off in Leafy Lane in this, the flowering season of winter aconites. The first picture in the gallery below shows the current, miserable situation; compare this with the following five photos taken at the turn of the century.

Today's burial at the western end of Leafy Lane Wood
Snowdrops at the site of Webb's shop in Boxfields Road; the site was sold at auction recently for £91,000
Chapel Plaister from Boxfields Road
The A4 road bridge, the eastern portal of Middlehill Tunnel, Ashley, Bannerdown escarpment and Bath's northern slopes from Quarry Hill
Mainly the houses of Brunel Way and Bargates with Ashley and the escarpments of Kingsdown and Bannerdown beyond
Box with Kingsdown beyond
A closer view of Box village and the Rec
The view of Box and Kingsdown shifted slightly to the south
Brunel House care home by the railway with Jamie's Farm, Ingall's Cottages and Bannerdown beyond
The sold-off part of Quarry Wood. There may be some pagan logic here: a blocked-off parking space and a gate with a 'no entry' sign.
The first cafe/coffee at the re-opened Toast in the Market Place at Box
Catkins in Ashley Road
Smashed 1835, cast iron, Turnpike Trust 'milestone' at Shockerwick
Time is up not only for number 44. On last weekend's Countryfile, we heard that the 'wethers' (male lambs) are, euphemistically, "headed for the table". Why not say that the cuddly male lambs will be slaughtered by slitting their throats - aaaaaah.
Platelayers' hut by the main line at Shockerwick
Bath NHS Kidney Care Centre at Bathford run by Fresenius Medical Care, a German company. Taking Back Control.
The second cafe/coffee at Gather, Batheaston (formerly the White Lion which was not the hub of Bath polite society - details may be had on request or you could ask Steve Knight or Steve Brown)
Indian Supper Club at Gather on February 25th. I have a couple of tickets if anyone fancies sampling Bath polite society on a Saturday night.
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