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Thursday 15th July 2021 brought the first of three Himalayan balsam 'pulling' days on the By Brook at Shockerwick organised by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust (WWT). The title photo shows the attractive flowers and leaves of this invasive plant. WWT is doing its bit to rid the riparian landscape of this invader but across the border in Somerset, the banks of the By Brook and Avon are brimming with it from Shockerwick through Bathford to Lambridge, Kensington Gardens and beyond.

The roots and fiendish-looking barbs of Himalayan balsam
A joint in the main stem with 'barbs' emerging. These are, presumably, embryonic roots which could be one reason for the plant's success.
The great and the good: Geoff (who came from Marlborough!), Connor (WWT), Pauline, Mike, A.N. Other and Mike2 set off for a day's pulling
Geoff, facing east (Marlborough or Mecca?), contemplates the day's pull
Conor in waders and A.N.Other sally forth
A knot of mint on a By Brook sandbar at Shockerwick
Twisted oak branches on the By Brook bank at Shockerwick
Unidentified fungus (possibly oak pin) on a Shockerwick oak
Adirondack chair on a platform by the river (spot the Himalayan balsam)
A patch of the dreaded weed
Mike in the depths of the Shockerwick jungle
Mike2 and Geoff hard at work 'on the pull'

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Conor and Geoff I presume
The result of some pulling in one of the grassed areas
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