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Bulleid Pacific 4-6-2 no. 34046 Braunton headed a steam special from London Victoria to Bath and Bristol on 24th May 2023. Once again, we used the viewing point of Glasses Cfrossing at Bathampton Junction accompanied by the Scotsman shown in the title photo. The other title photos show the George at Bathampton which we passed on our way to lunch at Bathampton Mill (formerly the Keel Club for those of you who rocked in the 60s) and the By Brook where it enters the Avon at Bathford.

Maples in all their spring glory by the Bathford railway bridge
A couple of trainspotters on their way to Glasses Crossing
Before the main event, a type 158 DMU heads off down the Limpley Stoke Valley to Bradford=on=Avon and beyond
And a type 166 DMU heads up the Limpley Stoke Valley into Bath; the next train will be our steam special
Here she comes, Bulleid Pacific no. 34046 Braunton drifts up the Limpley Stoke Valley with the steam special
Not much smoke and steam and no whistle; the Scotsman videoing the train will be disappointed
Braunton passes Glasses Crossing
Another type 166 DMU heads towards Bathampton Junction on the main line.
A post-lunch stroll along the Kennet & Avon Canal at Bathampton
Opening the Bathampton swing bridge for barges heading to Bradford-on-Avon
These are the two barges we'd just opened the bridge for
On the return leg, Braunton passes hawthorns in bloom heading for Bradford-on-Avon and beyond
Bathford in late afternoon
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