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4th September 2018 and here's the locked waiting room at Bradford-on-Avon station. It is locked each afternoon at 1:30 at the same time that the ticket office closes. Trains stop at Bradford-on-Avon throughout the day (of course) so why do these facilties close at 1:30? Answers, as usual, on a postcard to ...

The following three pictures were taken on the Bath to Bradford-on-Avon service. Whilst on the stations at Bath and Bradford-on-Avon we were subjected to unsettling 'security' messages regarding things that 'don't look right'. Then on the train the messages continued, this time visually. We should not live our lives like this, constantly put in fear of what might happen. You would not find this state of affairs on other (European) railways. And in any case, after a while, this just becomes background noise which is ignored.

If the 'authorities' wish to waste their time, and ours, on such nonsense then they should transmit positive messages such as 'Happy holidays' or 'Welcome to Freshford' or 'We are now in the lovely Limpley Stoke Valley' or 'Look - there's the Dundas Aqueduct'.

Here's something that doesn't look right - there are no trains and the ticket office and waiting room are closed
Now we skip to the following day, 5th September, and the stroll down Box Hill to see Clan Line in charge of the Belmond Pullman

Unfortunately, Clan Line and the Belmond Pullman (see picture caption above) were delayed by over an hour because of signalling problems at Staines so 'we' (yours truly, A.N. Other from Exeter and Jake Jacobs of Chapel Plaister) spent a pleasant hour at the Box Tunnel viewing platform talking of all things railway. When 35028 finally did arrive I managed to take a bloody awful set of pictures - the best of which is shown below; the later picture, of blackberries, is far better. Anyway, I was so put out by the awful pictures that I determined to return to Box for the return journey, this time to the A4 road bridge by the Northey Arms, to try to get a better photo - this picture is beyond the blackberries.

Can you believe that this is the best picture I could take of 35028 emerging from Box Tunnel - absolute rubbish but the trees are still in full leaf
Blackberries on the A4 road bridge at Box on 5th September 2018; Box Tunnel is behind us and Middlehill Tunnel lies in the distance.
Bulleid Pacific 35028 Clan Line in charge of the Belmond Pullman on the 'up' (return) leg at the A4 road bridge near the Northey Arms
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