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The title images show the sledges of young drinkers left outside The Quarryman's, an oak (possibly) adjacent to the eastern end of the Wadswick airstrip and Mike Canham in Springfield Close following the newspaper delivery (the papers must get through). All images from Friday, 1st February 2019.

In Boxfields Road by the old escape route from Clift Quarry (there is a small building on the 'tump' here with barred 'windows'; below, there are stone steps and a rope handrail leading up from the quarry). This is Friday, 1st February 2019.
Desolation in Boxfields Road on Friday, 1st Februaty 2019
Tunnel Inn with Doohan's Wood beyond
In White Ennox Lane looking south
Another view of White Ennox Lane; the firs at left are at the site of the old Box Highlands School which closed in 1984
In Boxfields Road (Tunnel Inn beyond) - going to the pub or sledging?
Heading down Boxfields Road towards Quarry Hill - still not sure, pub or sledging?
I spy a sledge
And here's some pre-sledging sledging down Quarry Hill
Here's those chaffinches
Exiting Quarry Wood and heading for the Hazelbury byway
Box, Ashley and the escarpments of Kingsdown and Bannerdown with Solsbury Hill and Lansdown beyond
View across the By Brook Valley towards Bannerdown with Jamie's Farm at centre-picture. Note the sledgers in the field at left.
View towards the water tower at Colerne with Ingall's Farm (Ingall's Cottages) at the foot of Tutton Hill in the foreground. There are two springs further down the lane towards Widdenham.
Heading down the Hazelbury byway towards Thorn Wood
Sodden and icy path and coppiced hazel below Hazelbury Manor
Hazelbury Manor in the depth of winter - 1st February 2019
Chapel Plaister from Hazelbury Manor's drive on 1st February 2019
Doohan's Wood and winter barley in one of Manor Farm's rented fields from Hazelbury Manor's drive (and byway)
Chapel Plaister on 1st February 2019
Winter greens at Chapel Plaister on 1st February 2019
One wonders how much sun is captured by solar panels at this time of year (certainly none in about an hour's time when the sun has set)
Here's the answer - none, as the panels are covered with a layer of snow
No flying from Wadswick airstrip in these conditions
Just a token line of miscanthus with oaks (probably) beyond at Wadswick airstrip
Thorneypits cottages with miscanthus which has been cut early (January rather than April) as it was showing signs of new growth. The crop was smaller and dryer than normal due to last year's drought.
No coffee at The Greenhouse today. Only two members of staff (for the whole site) managed to brave the weather.
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