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Here you will find news, articles and photos of an area that straddles the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in north-west Wiltshire.


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Rudloescene now, in January 2014, has a sister, academic rather than anarchic, website about Box history here: http://www.boxpeopleandplaces.co.uk/

It contains thoroughly professional, well-researched articles about Box and its people.


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These photographs document (after a fashion) a first walk of 2019 to Bath, on a fine 9th January morning, via Box, Ashley Road, Bathford, Bathampton, the Kennet & Avon Canal, Sydney Gardens and Pulteney Street.


The title pictures show: Slades House in Mill Lane from Quarry Hill, red fruits of some kind with paperbark birch at Ash Leigh and 'the' giant beech in Ashley Road.

Sunrise at Rudloe with many contrails, on 9th January, viewed through a Bradford Road field maple
Box, Ashley and the northern slopes of Bath from Quarry Hill on 9th January 2019
What's under the surface at the Hermitage revealed by its collapsed wall.
Sheep on the southern slopes of Bannerdown at Shockerwick
The substantial buildings of Shockerwick from Ashley Road
Catkins are much in evidence at this time of year - these in Ashley Road
Old man's beard with oak behind in Ashley Road
Black John's smallholding at Ashley. Actually John's holdings are far from small as he has a substantial interest in Larkhall properties.
Unaccountably, this hay has been left behind in a field off Ashley Road; Bannerdown escarpment beyond
The northern escarpment of Kingsdown from Ashley Road
Light and shade on ... (hmmm, I'll have to check on the make/model of these trees come summer) on the Kennet & Avon at Bathampton
One of many unusual boats on the Kennet and Avon twixt Bathampton and Bathwick
Larkhall and Fairfield on Bath's northern slopes from the Kennet & Avon Canal at Bathwick
Cleveland House, the HQ of the Kennet & Avon Canal Company in Sydney Road, stands atop the canal. A trap-door in the tunnel roof was used to pass paperwork between clerks above and bargees below.
The 9th January sunset from the brow of Box Hill with the light of vehicles on the A4 and street lights in Box and Ashley
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