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3rd June 2018 - Box NATS walk to Shockerwick House, Lower Shockerwick Farm and Alcombe Manor

This 2-hour, which turned into 4-hour, NATS walk on 3rd June 2018 was led by Alan Payne of Box People and Places fame. Twas quite a trek but the post-walk pints in the Queens made the day; forget the history, the buildings, the people and the flora, the IPA hit the spot. Seriously though, the commentaries from Alan, Viki (on the flora) and Varian (on Shockerwick House) were first-rate.


The title photographs are all from Alcombe Manor and show: the Manor and its trees in front and behind including the magnificent lime; the horse chestnut (red blossom) which was, unfortunately due to be felled the following day and lastly a close-up of that same horse chestnut.

Alan's favourite field just over the By Brook beyond Valens Terrace
Varian's favourite view of rooftops and gable ends
Indian file towards the Wiltshire/Somerset border
Apiaceae (or umbellifera) os some kind with the By Brook winding its way along the treeline
John Wood's Grade I listed Shockerwick House. Gainsborough was a frequent visitor; Cary Grant's aunt was a resident here.
Outbuilding at Lower Shockerwick Farm
Looking across the By Brook Valley from Upper Shockerwick but I'm struggling to identify any buildings here
Another view across the By Brook Valley from Upper Shockerwick
And another view; I guess that this is Ditteridge
Umbellifera (apiaceae) flower at Upper Shockerwick
An avenue, of sorts, leading to Alcombe Manor
The oldest part of Alcombe Manor
Acacia at Middlehill
More acacias at Middlehill
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