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Here's that title page photo again - sunset in Zafra from the terrace of our hotel room

Looking across the northern part of Zafra from the terrace of our room at the Parador
Her majesty's suite at the Parador in Zafra
An early morning view from the terrace
The loggia overlooking the atrium at the Parador
The loggia with vaulted ceiling on the southern side of the atrium
A street in the medieval part of the town
Plaza Chica - a lovely plaza in the medieval part of town. Here we got talking with Francisco Simoes Fernandez de Tejada who raged about Cameron (in Spanish) and told us that the monastery of Zafra was founded by Englishwoman Margaret Harrington.
The life of Riley on our private (would you believe) terrace
Sunset from the Parador terrace
The coffered ceiling of her majesty's suite at the Parador
Our new mate Francisco told us that Zafra was at the conjunction of three 'Camino' routes which led from the south
This hombre was no Paganini - actually it looks like he's giving me the evil eye
See that terrace ... that's 'ours'!
This parking machine shows two tables, summer and winter, then says select the tariff required. I couldn't figure out how to do this until a Spaniard came along, put his money in and pressed the green button. Why the 47 keys?
We bought a pot from this guy. He said he left school at the age of seven in order to support the family. They used to wander the streets with the pots on a burro, blowing a trumpet to attract attention. Latterly they took on this shop.
This was one of the tapas dishes at one of the four best restaurants we found on this trip, Arco. Wine at 1.2 euro per (large) glass - we could have stayed here all day!
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