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The Roman theatre at Merida where a summer festival of classical theatre is presented

Merida, as you might imagine from the title photo and subsequent images has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993. Merida preserves more important ancient Roman monuments than any other city in Spain, including a triumphal arch and a theatre. And there's a pile of stuff we didn't get to see in our short time there including the Circus Maximus and Los Milagros aqueduct.


We also found here a 'starter' in the hotel restaurant which we would propose to serve at a future soiree - croquettes of maniac.

The Trajan arch at Merida
The Temple of Diana and Forum
Temple of Diana (rear)
Temple of Diana detail
Sunset from our hotel room at the Parador
The Puente Romano, a bridge over the Guadiana River that is still used by pedestrians, and the longest of all existing Roman bridges
Another view of the Puente Romano
Detail of an external wall at the Alcazaba, a 9th-century Muslim fortification
Lovely street signs here - Augusta Emerita (in the city coat of arms) was the Roman name of present-day Merida
The Roman amphitheatre
Stonework in the amphitheatre
An entrance to the theatre
The Roman theatre
A wedding celebration at the Roman theatre
A pergola behind the Roman theatre
Inside the Alcazaba
Inside the Alcazaba
Another view of the Puente Romano
Yours truly on the Puente Romano
The local libreria with advice in the tree roots: Reading helps you think and thinking makes you free
Ten elements of a happy world
I notice that the natural world didn't figure in the happy world
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