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The river Wye at Tintern - 20th May 2017

This is the story of our life - we set off for A and end up at B. We left for Bream (Forest of Dean) at 1:15 to support our local rugby league team (Bath & Wiltshire Romans), in a match scheduled to kick-off at 2:30, and arrived at 4:15!


We don't have satnav or maps; the M48 was closed so that threw a spanner in the works, we took a wrong turn at Chepstow, noticed a bookshop in Tintern (can't pass a bookshop) and stopped for a quick browse. There was a whole room in this bookshop where no book was under £100 - there were four 'golliwog' books which were each priced at £320 - how brilliantly non-PC (see pics below). I bought two, rather cheaper, books.

Anyway, her majesty was dying for a pee and the chap in the bookshop said they had a toilet but she couldn't use it due to insurance problems!!! What a bloody ridiculous world we live in now. So we had to set off in search of a loo (I had already peed directly into the river Wye - the advantage of being a bloke) and found one at the old Tintern railway station (can't pass any old railway) and spent some time there.

By this time, we were a bit peckish so we stopped and had our sandwiches and coffee overlooking the river (shades of Alan Bennett) whilst watching some yellow wagtails flitting about.


The route from the A466 across to the A4228 and Bream is tortuous, involving single-track roads and car scrapings (brambles and other stuff along the side - good job we have an old car that we're not precious about!) but twas interesting for all that.


So we finally arrived at Bream (Forest Bulldogs RLFC) at 4:15 just as the Romans' players were trooping off the field after a 66 points to 10 defeat! However, we live to fight again on 3rd June at Cheltenham.

£100 for Where The Wild Things Are
£320 for The Golliwogg's Desert Island
£320 for The Golliwogg's "Auto-Go-Cart"
£320 for The Golliwogg's Desert Island
£320 for The Golliwogg at the Sea-Side
Tintern Station and signal box are now incorporated into a country park
British Railways carriages, designed and built at Derby, in the old Tintern sidings
Designed and built by BREL (British Railways Engineering Ltd) at Derby. The supposed investment to be brought about by the privatisation of the railways never came - instead £billions has been siphoned off to shareholders.
Gemma, the Romans' jack of all trades, now bringing on the players' water - and someone forgot to bring the team's water bottles!
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