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Vaulting in Salamanca cathedral - a World Heritage City (which actually puts Bath to shame)

View of Salamanca Cathedral from our hotel room
Ancient sign in city centre
An odd combination - nuts and gifts
Art Deco hotel entrance
This building, with Star of David motifs on the ornamental bay window, required structural support
The Plaza Mayor rivals Madrid's
The south side of the Plaza Mayor
A rounded Flatiron Building (vis New York)
Wandering minstrels

Convento de San Esteban

A chapel in the Convento de San Esteban
The Convento de San Esteban - telling us where to go
The main chapel of the Convento de San Esteban
By no stretch of the imagination is this altar understated
The pulpit with Esther lighting a candle for Patrick in a chapel of remembrance
A tad garish in my humble opinion
Further illustrates the point
An enormous old book - you can get an idea of its size from my silhouette at right
Craftsmen are working on this odd structure
The choir

We now take a break from things religious to visit Salamance Motor Museum, opened in 2002 by the King Juan Carlos and Queen Sophia. A trip to Salamanca would be worthwhile for this museum alone. On the way to the museum we passed a wonderful old garage..

Now we return to things religious, educational and architectural ... fitstly, the public library

Cloisters of Casa de las Conchas, formerly a palace but now a public library
Her majesty in the cloisters of Casa de las Conchas
A gargoyle at Casa de las Conchas
And here we see why it is called Casa de las Conchas. About 300 carved stone shells adorn the facade of the building

The University

Decorative stonework at the University entrance
Debating chamber in the University of Salamanca
A University chapel
Ornate ceiling at the University
The old University library
University assembly hall

The Cathedral

A Cathedral entrance
The choir
A big organ
A side gallery (not sure of this description) to the nave
The pulpit. After the Council of Trent, pulpits were often moved to the nave to provide better sound and visibility.
Detail of the cupola
A side-chapel altar
A small, decorative organ
Back to the hotel through the alleyways of Salamanca
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