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Sunset in Pulteney Street - 2nd December 2014

And madrugada (dawn - I'm off to Spanish class!) over the Clay Vale on 2nd December 2014

Aaaaaaaargh ... You wait 35 minutes for two Black 5s to turn up with a 'special' for Bath Christmas Market ... and a damned type 67 diesel turns up pulling Orient Express stock. I had run out ot time and had to get away to a Spanish class ... half way through Sydney Gardens, I heard a familiar rumble and saw the tops of the boilers of the two Black 5s wending their way into Bath Spa ... aaaaaaaaargh.

Type 67 diesel in charge of the Orient Express set running through Sydney Gardens on 2nd December 2014 with a day trip to Bath

Another type 67 diesel, in royal livery, supporting the 'Orient Express'. You may see that the type 67 pulling the train has the DB (Deutsche Bahn) logo below the cab window and this one has royal motifs on the side. This 'royal' support engine is also a DB loco - quite appropriate really for the Saxe-Coburg Gotha Battenburg ... lot who only determined that a name change was required when, after the Americans entered the war in April 1917, it was clear that the allies would be victorious. So, in July 1917, they became Windsors.  

Another type 67 diesel, with royal livery and emblems, supporting the 'Orient Express' train through Sydney Gardens

The Black 5s, at last, drifting into Bath Spa with the return leg of the Bath Christmas Market special (picture is a 'still' taken from a video). If you would like to hear them departing, click on the 'button' (link) below - the gentleman you can hear 'complaining' about "how the rich live" has just put away his camera and long lens into a posh case containing thousands of pounds worth of camera equipment.

The Black 5s, 44871 and 45407, entering Bath Spa on the return leg of the West Coast Rail day trip for Bath Christmas Market

At last ... four days later, on 6th December 2014, I actually managed to get a picture of a steam engine running through Sydney Gardens. Here is Bulleid 'Battle of Britain' Pacific 34067 Tangmere with a Bath Christmas Market special. No delays, no blocking HSTs - just unadulterated steam ... it could be the 60s again except that Tangmere would never have been seen here - more likely at Bath Green Park (my steam heaven).

On Saturday 6th December 2014, Battle of Britain 34067 Tangmere drifts through Sydney Gardens with a Bath Christmas Market special

And below, we have further shots of the 6th December 2014 special. The first shows the arm of Jake Jacobs of Chapel Plaister, Box - one of Tangmere's footplate crew; the second, one of the named carriages with Julia (perhaps) peering out of her misted window and the third, the type 37 diesel, 37668, running under the skew bridge in Sydney Gardens. A video of the 'special' follows the gallery.

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