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Where's the sanity clause? There ain't no sanity claus (Groucho Marx). Apparently, there were about 700,000 people on this People's Vote march on 20th October 2018; the last time such numbers marched in London was at the Anti-war march in 2003. Then it was a protest against the Second Gulf War or Iraq War or Weapons of Mass Destruction War; and were the protesters right then? As with the Second Gulf War, Brexit has been based on disinformation and deceit or lies if you prefer and the government should now listen to the people, something it disastrously failed to do in 2003.

In Hyde Park en route to the People's Vote march - 20th October 2018
Demockeracy amidst the London planes in Hyde Park
Heading through Hyde Park on the way to the People's Vote march
In Hyde Park, preparing for the march
A last selfie before hitting the throng
In Hyde Park about to set off on the march
Now on the march - the other banner in the frame is Roger Daltrey and "Talkin' 'bout Degeneration"
East Wiltshire Remainers in Park Lane
Sensible advice in the field of carpentry but not with regard to the EU as no cut is required at all
Baldrick with a cunning plan and an observation on Lord Snooty, the minister for the 15th century
The throng heading down Park Lane

"Europe Innit" of one of the title pictures, the elephant bit of 'Dunamis' in Park Lane and the Wellington Monument in Hyde Park with Wellington as Achilles and a 'Brexit is Bollocks' sticker covering his crown jewels

The march leaves Park Lane and turns into Piccadilly
Clear message in Piccadilly
Taking a break in Green Park
Sandwich break in Piccadilly
An important consideration
In Piccadilly Circus and Delia's lurking in the background with "Let's be having EU"
Taking a rest in Whitehall
In Whitehall
In Whitehall
Not only Putin but Trump and others such as Rees-Mogg who would have had an "immaculate red carpet" rolled out for Trump's UK visit
That's democracy (or demockeracy) for you
Nelson looks on
Twixt Whitehall and Parliament Square

As the numbers were so great, most of the marchers could not get to Parliament Square for the speeches; the police created a barrier halfway down Whitehall. However, through the wonders of the Internet, we can see and hear all that went on there. The actor Brian Cox made a powerful, impassioned speech via videolink; this may be found at around the 1 hour 46 minute mark (1:46:00) of the video below:

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