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In Grosvenor Square before the start of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign's march to Parliament Square on 4th November 2017. Ken Loach was one of the key speakers. See photographs below the following article on Jeremy Hardy and MAP.

5th February 2019 - Jeremy Hardy, comedian and ardent supporter of Palestine and the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) has died from cancer. He was just 57. The following video follows Jeremy and fellow comedian Imran Yusuf on their visit to Palestine and Palestinian communities in the West Bank.

The Palestine Solidarity march on 4th November 2017

Bradford-on-Avon Friends of Palestine in St George's Street on the Solidarity Campaign march
Many hundreds gather in Grosvenor Square to listen to speakers before the march to Parliament Square
In Edgeware Road, on the way to Grosvenor Square in the bus, a father described the Arabic shop signs to his two children as beautiful, flowing and curved. I hadn't really taken notice previously but I see his point.
Clear message
Also clear
A tad more subtle but the resolve is clear
An imaginative roll-up banner amidst the throng
And here's the man himself - he seems to love life, not just Jerusalem
Grosvenor Square planes form the backdrop
The two younger girls, from the West Midlands, led chanting for much of the march. Imagine they would have no voices for school on Monday. Their resolve was admirable - maybe comes from mum, at the end, who is a teacher.
Grand union banner
The march sets off for Parliament Square
Grand LatinoAmerica banner in Grosvenor Square
The march sets off down Upper Audley Street
And into Oxford Street
And on it goes down Oxford Street
Between songs, close to New Bond Street
This girl didn't want to show the graphic image but her mum insisted because it showed the real state of affairs
The march is held up in Oxford Street while further ahead marchers are negotiating the turn into Harewood Place and Hanover Square
A jigsaw analogy heading for Regent Street and Trafalgar Square
Teddy's 'Freedom for Palestine' sees the demise of the camera - the damned battery expired so no views of Whitehall or Downing Street where hundreds of Eritreans were encamped after their protest march against their 25-year dictatorial rule
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