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The webpage 'Ukraine - 2022' (Ukraine - 2022) gives some local history of Ukrainians in the Corsham area after WWII. It shows current initiatives (emails) from myself and Stefan Barbaruk (one of the Corsham Ukrainians) in trying to get national and local government to awake from their slumber and also recites some of Henry Marsh's (a notable neurosurgeon) Times2 article from 10th March 2022.


Seventy-five years on and it's deja vu with Ukraine under bombardment from a vicious, murderous, lying tyrant. Thousands are dead after just two weeks of Putin's onslaught which continues as I write (on 15th March 2022). While the Internet remains up in Ukraine, Stefan's relatives in the west of the country are keeping him abreast of the situation. Stefan has offered accommodation should they come to a decision to evacuate and make the journey across Europe. There is also a local initiative here in Rudloe to use Rudloe Community Centre as a 'hub' for refugees - this substantial, at present unused, building could provide (temporary) accommodation, a canteen and playspace. It has a kitchen and toilet facilities (of course) but would probably need showers installed which, in terms of the magnitude of the current crises (plural, remember we have spent £billions on Covid), is small potatoes. Empty accommodation in GreenSquareAccord's housing stock on Rudloe Estate could also be used to house refugees (according to locals, there are up to ten homes on Rudloe Estate that have been empty since last year) thereby, along with the Community Centre, making a local contribution to this, the most significant catastrophe in Europe since WWII. As Henry Marsh said in his 10th March article: It’s good for the country to rally together and by being hospitable we will all feel better about ourselves. Such an initiative would provide not only vital accommodation and support but would, as Henry Marsh suggests, revitalise the local community (and its Centre) in supporting others.

The letters from Ukraine follow (latest first). Note the irony in the 13th March letter - "Stay safe":


22nd March 2022


Dear Stefan and Peter,
Hope you are all well. The situation in Ukraine is still very difficult and the biggest problem is aviabombarding. Hopefully, in our city it is quiet and we are still in safe, but yesterday, we heard sirens seven times, almost all of the day there was an air danger and we should have hidden in the shelter, as some nearby regions were hit by rockets. Today the situation today is more stable, the sirens were heard three times and the last announced danger was canceled just a few minutes ago and it is still safe here.
Nevertheless, we try to stay optimistic and positive. Out city is working, trying to support our Army as much as we can and organizing places to live for refugees from the eastern Ukraine. 
I should say, that the situation in the supermarket is becoming better and we can buy the necessary food. 
Every day we believe in our Army and pray for the victory for Ukraine.
So, how are you? How are Ella and Martha, are they going to school these days or are they studying online? And how is the weather like in England? As in Ukraine is is the real spring weather, which helps our soldiers, as it is warm.
Pass best wishes to each of your family,
Oksana and family

14th March 2022

Dear Stefan and Peter,
We are extremely thankful for such a great support. We value your help so much and you make us feel much safer. It is really easier for all of us to go through all this things knowing that you would help us when it is needed. It means a lot for us. 
You also asked about whether you may share the information you get from us about the situation in Ukraine. Of course, you may. It is a great pleasure that English people are with us. I would be really happy to help your friend and your local community learn more about what is happening in Ukraine.
This night we had long air raid sirens, which lasted 5 hours (the longest one from the beginning of the war). But hopefully the situation was quite. There is one more nearby region Rivne, which was bombarded this night and the TV tower was hit. Unfortunately, this is not the first case of bombarding this city and we believe that Russian soldiers do this to spread panic among people. Later during the day we had two more sirens, but they were short and thanks God everything was well. 
The situation in our city is better now. Today children at schools started their online learning. As well as I came back to my studies. I am going to finish my studies in the middle of April, and then after practice and final exams I expect to get my diploma at the beginning of June. There is a possibility that students would be able to cover everything online. Nevertheless, people in the west of Ukraine tries to come back to their work, which our government encourages us to do to support the economy of Ukraine.
We all hope and pray for victory and peace. 
Thank you for being in contact with us and for everything you do for us. We appreciate this a lot.
Best wishes,
Oksana and family 

13th March 2022


Dear Stefan and Peter, 
Hope you are well. Sorry, for not writing for several days. Today is the 18th day if was in Ukraine and to be honest these days were more tensed in our city. We hear sirens here several times per day and they lasted for 2-3 hours. This night was one of such sirens and unfortunately the Military Range near Lviv was hit. As the result 35 people died. Lviv is the next to us region. On the other side, the airport in Ivano-Frankivsk was bombarded, which is another next to us region. 
We really hope that the situation will become better soon, but the reality is really terrific. 
Also I should say, that the situation with food is becoming worse here. Just yesterday I was in the supermarket and a lot of shelves were almost empty. 
By the way, we still believe in our Army and pray for saving Ukraine and Ukrainians.
Stay safe 
Oksana and family
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