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25th April 2022 and spring is springing at the brow of Box Hill and Rudloe Firs. The title pictures show horse chestnut leaves and a view of the wood including the stump of a recently felled tree at Rudloe Firs

Spring in Leafy Lane
Spring in Leafy Lane
Silver birches (with limes beyond) in Leafy Lane
One of the many patches of three-cornered garlic at the brow of Box Hill which have been spared the chop thanks to the careful grass-cutting of Steve and his team from idverde (French of course)
Another patch of three-cornered garlic at Rudloe Firs
One of the patches of cuckooflower (lady's smock) also spared the chop by Steve and his team
Many celandines are 'going over' but these at the brow of Box Hill are in full flower
This motorcyclist stopped at the brow of Box Hill as he thought that there was a bee in his helmet. He is allergic so carries his epipen with him.
The view east from the brow of Box Hill; Rudloe Firs at left
Long Close Avenue flats across Stafford's oilseed rape from the A4
The view north across Stafford's fields and Upper Pickwick from Rudloe Firs
Another view north without the pylons and cables
A closer look at those trees and fields in this view towards Upper Pickwick
Looking east from the A4 towards the western escarpment of Marlborough Downs (Oliver's Camp can just be seen through the haze)
This view east takes in the Redcliffe Park Place and Rudloe estates
The dry stone wall here bordering the A4 is replete with garlic mustard (Allaria petiolata). Its leaves exude a garlic aroma when crushed; it can be used in salads. What will Wiltshire Council do? Spray it with weedkiller. Idiots!
A closer look at the garlic mustard; Upper Pickwick lies beyond
Now looking towards the brow of Box Hill from the Corsham side, we see Rudloe Firs beyond the A4
The brow of Box Hill with Rudloe Firs at right and a magnificent maple at left
Horse chestnut leaves at Rudloe Firs
A weeping, felled tree at Rudloe Firs
Another view north from Rudloe Firs. The foreground field is the site of the new Hartham Quarry slope shaft and associated buildings.
Hundreds of small maple saplings at Rudloe Firs
More small maple saplings at Rudloe Firs
Pathway adjacent to Rudloe Firs which used to be the A4 pavement before the road line was shifted to avoid the 'sharp' bend. I recall a storehouseman from Copenacre walking here every day for a lunchtime pint at Rudloe Park Hotel.
Spring is sprung in Lower Rudloe Lane with pea green growth on beeches. Let's take a closer look at the inventive use of the no through road sign...
Monsieur or Madame Taraskevics has made use of the no through road sign to advertise T's (formerly Mr T's) B&B
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