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3rd June 2019 and the Maidments of Folly Farm are cutting and gathering grass for silage while a red kite along with gulls and crows may be seen overhead

I think Kevin and Mark are, respectively, at the controls of the forage harvester and tractor
Silage in the foreground and the view down the By Brook Valley from the brow of Box Hill
At the north-east corner of the field with a red kite overhead
Mark and Kevin with forage harvester and tractor/trailer hard at work with the silage in full flow
Silage collection continues; Folly Farm and Colerne's water tower beyond
The northern slopes of the By Brook Valley with Lansdown beyond the escarpment and ... red kite passing
The By Brook Valley, Kingsdown and Bathampton Down escarpments with red kite passing
Shifting the view north in the direction of Lansdown and the Bannerdown escarpment; the red kite wheels to the west
Another Maidment turning the swathed silage; the eastern 'suburbs' of the Village on the Hill (Colerne) and the Lucknam Park estate beyond
The Maidment trio and their silage making machinery; the eastern 'suburbs' of Colerne and the Lucknam Park estate beyond
Now the Village on the Hill and the red kite enter the picture
Now the view shifts towards Thickwood and Euridge
The other Maidment turning the silage swathes and the view towards Bannerdown
The trio turns north; the red kite is there, but hard to spot, above the blue tractor and below a gull
Easier to spot now against the clouds above Thickwood
And now soaring against the western sky
And now twixt the plateaus of Kingsdown and Farleigh Down
Much easier to spot now!
And now, at lower level centre-left, heading towards Folly Farm; Bannerdown beyond
Again difficult to spot at centre of image just below the Bannerdown horizon
Getting towards the end of the day and rain coming from the west
Still working though - Maidment HQ, Folly Farm, beyond
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