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26th July 2019 finds three intrepid souls (aaaah, souls!) following Andrew Swift's 'Seven Country Miles' round trip from/to Norton St Philip by way of  Hinton Charterhouse, Hassage and ... Tucker's Grave. The title pictues show two shady characters awaiting the off in the George car park and three early images ... an as yet unidentified crop, a magnificent lime and one of many bleeding (also to be investigated) larches in the region of Norwood Wood

That unidentified crop again, probably in a Norwood Farm field close to Norton St Philip
Heading off through the mysterious crop field to Hinton Charterhouse
This is the mysterious crop in close-up; this patch still in flower
Waiting for the D2? No, waiting for us stragglers following the first pint of the walk at the Rose & Crown, Hinton Charterhouse.
Heading off from Hinton Charterhouse towards Cleaves Wood, we pass rolled straw in a Hinton Farm field
More straw, presumably winter barley straw, along the byway
Convolvulus arvensis and barley
And now just barley with some kind of oat grass in the foreground
Climbing now towards Baggeridge Farm; Wellow lies to the west with Combe Hay over the hill
A close-up of that unnamed (by Ordnance Survey) hill with Combe Hay beyond
Now looking south towards Hassage and, eventually, Frome and the western end of Salisbury Plain
Large patch of white convolvulus arvensis in the verge close to Baggeridge Farm
Baggeridge Farm barn, converted to a private (or holiday?) dwelling
Beyond Baggeridge Farm we find a convolvulus arvensis with magenta flowers
Looks like we've caught the western escarpment of Salisbury Plain in the far distance; oxeye daisies in the foreground
More barley beyond Baggeridge Farm
Contemplating Cornish pasties at Tucker's Grave
Blimey, they're really anxious to get their teeth into those pasties
Barley and the view south towards Hassage and Faulkland
Wondering now about the 'crop circles' in the barley. Caused by the weather? Animals? Human activity? Aliens? Quite rightly, the consensus was that they were most likely the result of alien activity.
Our last view of the barley close to Hassage
Mark dicing with death on the A366 at Tucker's Grave
Some kind of animal husbandry going on here close to Hassage; can't see any animals though
Getting close to Norton St Philip now on the return journey; Salisbury Plain in the distance
And here is Norton St Philip beyond the maize
Westbury White Horse on the north-western escarpment of Salisbury Plain
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