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27th July 2021 - a group of volunteers press-ganged by Peter Chidley of the Melksham Rail Users' Group gathered to install the roof on the new gazebo at Melksham Hub Cafe. From the Melksham Hub website (https://melkshamhub.co.uk/home/) we find the following: "Melksham Hub Café is a community rail initiative by TransWilts Community Interest Company. It is a not for profit organisation any surplus from the activities at the Melksham Hub will be invested in the local community. The café is expected to serve rail passengers and local businesses". The volunteers were fed and watered by cafe manager Sian and volunteer (during the school holidays) Lewis. And I must say that the vegan burger was the finest I have encountered on my travels. The title picture shows Mark (with Andy in the background) fixing one of scores of screws required - apart from his other skills, Mark's benefit to the project was that at 6'7", he didn't need a ladder!


Whilst benefitting the Hub, it's unfortunate that some of the fixtures and fittings have been passed on following the demise of the Arthouse Cafe (see: https://ocm.wiltshire.gov.uk/melksham/arthouse-cafe-will-permanently-close/) in the Market Place. The Arthouse Cafe was instituted and managed by Melksham Rotary Club and over the ten years of its life raised over £100,000 for local charities and causes.

Mark, Andy (OIC, hidden by the post), Peter, Kelvin and Judith trying to figure out the order of events
Mark, Peter, Judith and Andy getting to grips with the instructions
Andy about to brief the troops
And it's up (note, Mark still fixing those screws)!
A happy band of brothers (and a sister) in the shade of the gazebo
And then the heavens opened ...
... and the yard was awash (but we were okay under our newly installed gazebo roof) ...
... and a summer bourne flowed around the gazebo posts
Lewis checks out the new installation while Peter tidies up
The finished product
Peter's happy with a job well done
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